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Time Reporting and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Kansas State University wants to ensure that employees have the information needed to properly record time worked, report leave (sick, vacation, holiday, etc.) and understand their role in relation to overtime eligibility.

Reporting time and leave through eTime in Employee Self Service/HRIS has replaced the traditional hard copy time documents used for non-emempt employees, allowing on-line entry each day, week or pay period.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides guidance on minimum wage, overtime pay, equal pay among other topics. At K-State, Human Resources has the responsibility for ensuring and maintaining compliance with the FLSA.

For more information on these topics and more, employees are encouraged to follow the links below.


Recording etimeFLSA & Overtime



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Compensation and Organizational Effectiveness


Marci Ritter, Compensation and Organizational Effectiveness Manager

Emma McElhaney Parsley, Compensation Analyst

Bekkah Landoll,
Compensation Analyst

Sarah Coomer,
Talent and Compensation Coordinator

Time Reporting

Mary-Beth Rhoads, Resource Center Manager