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Human Resources

Talent Tip Archive

Talent Acquisition within Human Resources publishes Talent Tip Tuesday articles.

These articles are created to help end-users with tips and tricks on how to navigate the PageUp Applicant Tracking System or on general updates from the Talent Acquisition team.

Position Description Tips

Avoid Duplicate Position Descriptions (PDs)
Temporary Appointments
Term Vs. Temporary Appointments
Non-University Student and Student Interns
Graduate Student Employment
Waivers of Recruitment
Anticipated Salary Range Change
FLSA Overview
Pay Grades FY24

Position Announcement Tips

Updated Position Announcement Template
Position Announcement Tips
Consistent Benefits Statement
Best Consideration Date Verbiage
Hourly vs. Salary Rates in a Job Announcement
Hybrid and Remote Worksite Options Added to Position Announcements
Diversity Advertising Resources
JobElephant Advertising Resource
Talent Acquisition Advertising Resources

Interview Process Tips

Search Committee Responsibilities
External Search Committee Members
Interview Guide as HR Liaison
Interview Guide as Search Chair
Creating Events in PageUp
Document Interview Details
Remote Interview Reminders
Reference Checks
Documenting the Search Process
How to Upload Interview Documentation
Disposition Codes

Job Offer Tips

Extending a Contingent Verbal Offer
Offer Card - eID Search Field
Onboarding Section of an Offer Card
Offer Card Documents
Changes in Terms and Conditions of Employment
Monitoring the Approval Process
Monitoring the Online Offer
How to Accept a Job Offer
Background Check Policy Update
Background Check Process
Background Check Request for a New Hire
Background Check Request for a GRA, GTA, GA, or Staff Assistant
Background Check Candidate Authorization Guide

New Hire Follow-up Tips

Employee Oath
How to Complete a New Hire Task
New Hire Tasks - Sending a Reminder
New Hire Tasks - Completing in Bulk
Accessing a Closed Requisition


For additional questions, please contact your Talent Acquisition Strategic Partner.