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Background Checks


The Kansas Board of Regents requires that each state university perform a criminal background check on persons hired for certain state university positions.

Kansas State University is committed to maintaining a safe teaching, learning and working environment for its students, employees and visitors. One aspect of this commitment is to assure, to the extent possible, that appropriate policy and procedures are in place which work toward reducing the likelihood of unknowingly hiring persons with felony or misdemeanor convictions or who are registered sexual offenders.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are current employees exempt from the background check process?


If an hourly student employee transfers to a graduate, university support staff, or unclassified position, do we have to do a background check?


If a university support staff employee transfers to an unclassified position, or vice versa, do we have to do a background check?


If we want to hire a former employee, do we have to do a background check?

  • Yes, if there has been a break in service for more than one year.
  • Yes, if it is determined that no background check had previously been run.
  • Yes, if they meet the requirement for international applicants who have been in the U.S. for more than 30 days within the last 7 years and did not have a background check done previously at K-State.
  • No, if the break in service has been less than one year for domestic applicants and we have a background check on file.

If we want to move a temporary employee into a full- or part-time university support staff position, do we have to do a background check?


If we want to hire for a temporary position who will work for about a year, but only a few hours a week, do we have to do a background check?

Yes, all temporary positions require a background check regardless of length of the position.

If we are promoting a current regular employee, do we have to do a background check?


For what positions are driving record background checks being done?

Currently, only Extension Agent and Extension Intern positions will have driving records checked.

After a background check has been completed and the hiring department has been notified by email to proceed with hiring for the position, what should we do with any copies of the PER-59?

By law, the department may not keep a copy of the PER-59, and if they do have a copy, it must be destroyed. Only the candidate may keep the original PER-59 form and attached documents.

How would Human Resources know that I have had a background check done on the person that I am hiring?

A copy of the email sent to the hiring department notifying them that the candidate is clear to hire should be attached to appointment papers submitted to HR.