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University Official Bulletin Board

Kansas and federal law requires state agencies to designate and maintain official bulletin boards for the display of relevant, current administrative and personnel information of interest to employees. Such boards are to be in areas easily and regularly accessible to all employees.

Due to an increase in remote work arrangements across the university, this page will serve as an electronic repository for labor law postings. Several sample posters are provided with a full list of required posters below. 

know your rightsKS LawJob safety
EE rightsER & FMLAKS Employee Rights


Labor Law Posters
Know Your Rights(pdf)(U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)Revised November 2022

Kansas Law – Equal Opportunity (Kansas Human Rights Commission) 


Equal Opportunity in Public Accommodations (Kansas Human Rights Commission) 


KSU EEO/Affirmative Action Policy (KSU Office of Institutional Equity)


Worker's Compensation (Kansas Department of Labor)  (use for accidents on or after April 25, 2013)

Revised April 2013

Employee rights Under the FLSA-Minimum Wage (U.S. Department of Labor)

Revised August 1, 2016

Minimum Wage (U.S. Department of Labor)

Revised July 2009

Employee Right to Communicate or Whistleblower's Act (Kansas Civil Service Act) 


Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act 

OSHA 3165 "Its the law" Notice (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)April 2019
Americans With Disabilities Act NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC (Secretary of Administration, State of Kansas) July 2015

Employee Rights and Responsibilities Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (U.S. Department of Labor), 

Revised April 2106

Unemployment Insurance Law (Kansas Department of Labor)

Revised December 2017

Child Labor - Notice of Hours 

Revised, May 2012

Your Rights Under USERRA, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (U.S. Department of Labor)  

Revised October 2008
Pub. April 2017

Official Bulletin Board sign 

And Justice for All (United States Department of Agriculture) Revised September 2019
Employee Polygraph Protection ActRevised January 2022