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Human Resources

HR Strategic Initiatives

Meeting Kansas State University's evolving human capital needs ensures the continued recruitment, retention and development of a diverse and highly skilled workforce that advances our vision and goals for K-State 2025. As the university further develops our human Resources, we are dedicated to keeping our university personnel informed and aware. Check back often for updates. 

Projects and Initiatives 

Initiatives In-ProgressHuman Resources has identified several initiatives directly tied to achieving our K-State 2025 strategic plan. Identified as key priorities, beginning in 2018 Human Resources will engage the campus community in several initiatives.

Initiatives In-Progress 


Completed Initiatives


Hiring Process Redesign

Human Resources conducted a kaizen event February 9-13, 2015 to examine the hiring process and rebuild it into an efficient, user-friendly experience that will help K-State attract and hire top talent. Following the kaizen, many different actions needed to be completed in order to streamline our hiring processes. To ensure a smooth transition for our many users, we completed the redesign in three phases.


HRIS Upgrade

In 2018, Human Resources upgraded to PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital 9.2 to further allow K-State to: stay compliant on tax and regulatory compliance; fix critical functional issues; and apply critical security, as well as provide advanced support to all users.


HR Liaison Network

The HR Liaison Network continues our mission to construct learning and development programs to support K-State employees, providing opportunities for individual and team development. Establishing an HR liaison Network will enhance communication and guidance concerning various HR functions and processes improving productivity for all users, impacting departments and units campus wide.


K-State New Employee Welcome 

The K-State New Employee Welcome Program acclimates new employees to K-State's culture and environment, supporting and addressing the needs of the "whole" person. Creating a comprehensive new employee program designed to welcome new employees to K-State, will enhance and streamline the onboarding experience, impacting new employees, faculty and staff across campus.


K-State Supervisory Foundations

K-State Supervisory Foundations is a comprehensive supervisory program which will be offered to all K-State supervisors, regardless of their level of supervision. With input from a variety of sources, including the 2017 Professional Development Needs Assessment, content was developed. Programming will allow participants to learn from subject matter experts and gain competence in a variety of areas such as communication, performance management, diversity and inclusion, managing conflict, understanding university policy, and much more.

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