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Evaluating Remote Work Opportunities

Those evaluating remote work possibilities should begin the exploration by reviewing the resources on this page. Below you will find a comprehensive decision guide to assist employees, supervisors, and unit leaders in thinking through considerations related to remote work. In addition, supervisors may utilize the accompanying assessment form to begin the remote work approval process.

There are multiple factors to consider when exploring the possibility of remote work. The guide is divided into several sections, each focusing on a separate aspect of consideration which includes the following:

Section 1: Evaluating Business Need

Section 2: Position Suitability

Section 3: Employee Suitability

Section 4: Supervisory Approach

Section 5: Team Effectiveness

Evaluating Remote Work Opportunities Decision-Making Guide 


After thorough review of the decision-making guide, employees may choose to initiate a conversation with their supervisor to begin exploring remote work possibilities. Remote work arrangements should have a neutral or positive overall impact on results and the work environment. 

Department heads or supervisors may utilize the Remote Work Suitability Assessment to begin the approval process. This form documents suitability factors in each of the above-mentioned categories of consideration. Based on the outcome of the assessment, the next step may be to request approval from senior leadership at the cabinet or dean level as appropriate. 

Remote Work Suitability Assessment 



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Checklist for Establishing a Remote Work Arrangement


To establish a successful remote work arrangement (including hybrid remote work), the following steps should be completed:

Review Remote Work Policy and accompanying resources. 

Utilize Evaluating Remote Work Opportunities guide to complete the Remote Work Suitability Assessment and obtain appropriate approval. 

Complete the Remote Work Agreement form with appropriate approval. 

Submit Remote Work Packet to hrimaging@ksu.edu to include: