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Human Resources

HR Searches

Human Resources is currently recruiting for the following position(s).

Administrative positions 

Assistant Vice President-HR Strategy

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Assistant Vice President-HR Operations

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Search Committee Members

  • Kathleen Hatch, Co-Chair, Morrison Family Associate Vice President for Student Well-Being
  • Jason Ellis, Co-Chair, Professor, Agriculture Communications & Journalism
  • Craig Bourne, Administrative Assistant, Provost Office
  • Kimathi Choma, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Recruitment & Retention, Arts & Sciences
  • Tara Coleman, Professor, Hale Library
  • Linda Craghead, Director, Facilities Services
  • Justin Frederick, Director of Office of Institutional Equity, DEIB
  • Erin Good, Associate General Counsel, General Counsel Office
  • Kait Long, Director of Advancement & Administration, Staley School of Leadership
  • Don Saucier, Professor, Psychological Sciences
  • Aaron Stroot, Director of Systems & Fund Balancing, Division of Financial Services
  • Kellie Wilson, Talent Acquisition Senior Strategic Partner, Human Resources
  • Kirsten Zoller, Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives, Salina Technology & Aviation

Full-time positions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems Manager

This position oversees the overall system functionality and integrity for K-State’s Human Resources HRIS system (currently Oracle-PeopleSoft). The position assumes the lead on all HR ERP projects and enhancements and provides analytical leadership in design, implementation, communication, maintenance and administration of the system; develops and improves business processes by analyzing day-to-day and recurring operations; maintains system tables, and provides training.

Student/Graduate positions

There are no Student/Graduate positions available.