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Human Resources

HR Strategic Initiatives

Meeting Kansas State University's evolving human resource needs ensures the continued recruitment, retention and development of a diverse and highly skilled workforce that advances our vision for Next-Gen K-State. 

Initiatives in Progress

The Next-Gen K-State plan provided significant feedback from university faculty and staff outlining a need for improved professional development and training opportunities. The university will be establishing a unified, comprehensive performance appraisal form and a new electronic learning and performance management system. This process will also seek to increase guidance and training for supervisory staff in the evaluation process.  To learn more, click here.


Business Process Review and Modernization

Info Coming Soon!


Compensation and Class Study 

Info Coming Soon!


FMLA Centralization

A centralized approach to the university's Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) practices mitigates risk and minimizes employee touchpoints and responsibility duplication. Our newly optimized FMLA processes will enable us to improve record keeping and tracking, simplify return-to-work coordination, provide enhanced customer service, and increase employee privacy. This revitalized process will create better communication protocols for managers and supervisors and ease our ability to remain compliant with federal regulations while expediting our service to employees using FMLA leave. Learn more here!


Leadership Development

There is a need for leadership development programming to advance our vision for Next-Gen K-State.  This initiative will take place in three phases: a series open to all K-State employees; a Professional Development Needs Assessment; and future programming.  To learn more, click here.


Time and Leave

Establishing a universal time and leave system universitywide is essential in streamlining the vital administrative tools that lead us to operational excellence. This initiative reviews our current procedures to produce recommendations for unifying and improving time and leave administration through system and process improvements. Our review features several phases focused on understanding current processes, procuring a universal system, configuring the system for optimization at K-State and training employees and stakeholders to use the system.  To learn more, click here.