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2019 Twirler Audition Registration

2019 K-State Twirler Audition Schedule:

Saturday May 4, 2019 - K-State Rec Center
12:00 pm - Registration
12:15 pm - Meeting
12:30 pm - Auditions Begin
1:30 pm - Auditions Conclude
2:00 pm - Results Announced

Congratulations to the 2018-19 K-State Twirlers!

Delaney Madden

Katie Dreiling

Thank you for your interest in a twirling position with the Kansas State University Marching Band! Personality and the ability to work with one's peers, as well as twirling talent and the ability to entertain 55,000+ people will be the major factors in our selection. The individual(s) chosen must have the ability to work with the band and understand their role in the overall performance. The following is the necessary information of which each candidate must be aware regarding the audition process and marching band season.

A DVD for preliminary auditions and all required additional items must be received in the K-State Band Office no later than February 28th. The required materisals will not be returned. *Current K-State twirlers need only submit the Resume and Twirling Resume portion, as your year in your position with the KSUMB is considered your Preliminary Audition. The video should include footage that demonstrates the individual's ability to perform, emphasizing entertainment and technical value. Suggested format should include field performance(s) with current marching band, other performance venues and/or competition exhibitions. The live audition requirements may be incorporated as well. Please also include a spoken statement (on video) pertaining to your desire and suitability to be selected as a Kansas State University Twirler.

Additional items to be included with the video:

  1. Completed registration forms
  2. Resume (must include current academic, community, and other accomplishments)
  3. Twirling Resume (Must include current - within the past year - accomplishments and activities as well as your twirling history as listed accurately by year and competitive level.)
  4. Current Photograph(s) - Must include at least 1 recent full length photograph in twirling uniform
  5. Three to Five letters of reference (One must be from your baton twirling instructor. It is suggested another is submitted from you band director.)

Judging panel may consist of at least one licensed baton twirling judge, Director of Bands, and may include other Band Staff members.

Auditions are closed to all spectators, but the audition will be video taped for judging purposes.
The number of twirlers selected will be determined after all twirlers have auditioned.

All twirlers will complete each phase of the audition together 
(example, all twirlers will march 1 at a time, then all will perform the down the field routines, etc...)

1. Marchingto exhibit form, technique, ability to respond to commands, and ability to maintain tempo and beat
Basic Strut format as well as 8-to-5 marching. Attention, low & high mark time and other forward march commands will be given.

2. "Down the Field Routine": to exhibit the ability to move approximately 25 yards (directionally moving from judges' left to right) while twirling.
Perform to "Wildcat Victory" played twice through as on the KSU Marching Band CD.
1st time through melody, must move in a forward position from the judges left to right approximately 20 yards.
2nd time through melody, is at your own discretion

3. Show Routine:
Music selection is the twirler's choice with suggested time length 2-3 minutes. It would be wise to remember that the committee is looking for routines that please 55,000+ fans from several rows away, and not one or two twirling experts. They will be looking at at variety, difficulty, appearance, equipment handling and control, music interpretation, visual effect, and showmanship/crowd appeal

4. Interview:
This portion will be conducted immediately following the twirling portion of the audition. No change of attire is required.

* Position(s) of Feature Twirler and/or Wildcat Twirler along with Section Leader will be determined based on all aspects of preliminary/live auditions.

All who are planning on auditioning for a 2019 KSUMB twirling position MUST complete the auxiliary registration form as part of preliminary auditions. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.