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Kansas State Bands

November 30th
Concert Band & Wind Symphony

Dr. Alex Wimmer, Conductor
Olivia Bazanos, Graduate Assistant Conductor
Cally Bitterlin, Graduate Assistant Conductor
Preston Thomas, Graduate Assistant Conductor
Travis Turner, Graduate Assistant Conductor

Concert Band

Triumphant Fanfare (1997)...........................................................Richard Saucedo (b. 1957)

Conducted by Travis Turner, Graduate Assistant

Fantasy on American Sailing Songs (1952)....................................Clare Grundman (1913-1996)

Conducted by Cally Bitterlin, Graduate Assistant

Come Sweet Death (1976).......................................................................J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
arr. Alfred Reed (1921-2005)

Conducted by Olivia Bazanos, Graduate Assistant

Music for a Celebration (1992)................................................................Dirk Brossé (b. 1960)

Conducted by Preston Thomas, Graduate Assistant

Wind Symphony

Dr. Alex Wimmer, Conductor

Intrinsic Light (2019).........................................................................Cait Nishimura (b. 1970)

Dusk (2004)........................................................................................Steven Bryant (b. 1972)

Outlander (2010)...................................................................................Julie Giroux (b. 1961)

Concert Band Program Notes

Triumphant Fanfare (1997)………………….…………...………………….Richard Saucedo (b. 1957) 

Triumphant Fanfare is considered a Grade 3 by the publisher and is described as an energetic opener for bands. The composition offers students rhythmic and metric challenges as the piece changes between 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 regularly throughout the piece, with many unison 16th note rhythms that must be played with precision to align vertically. This, along with strong melodies and harmonic content gives the piece momentum that keeps driving all the way to the end. 

Richard Saucedo is a freelance arranger and composer. Currently on the writing staff for Hal Leonard Corporation. Sucedo earned his undergraduate degree from Indiana University in Bloomington and his masters degree at Butler University in Indianapolis. He was the long time director of bands and performing arts department chairman at Carmel High School, where the bands received numerous state and national honors under his direction. He retired in 2013, but still continues to be a highly demanded adjudicator, clinician, and guest conductor. 

Notes by Travis Turner 


Fantasy on American Sailing Songs (1952)………………….…………..Clare Grundman (1913-1996) 

Fantasy on American Sailing Songs was dedicated to the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association. This lively and robust medley of sailing songs includes Hornet and Peacock, Lowlands: What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor? and Rio Grande. Each song is clearly stated then effectively developed with appealing melodic and harmonic treatment.  

Clare Grundman is one of the most influential composers of band and wind ensemble repertoire, with works dating from the 1940s. As a skilled orchestrator and gifted composer, he took a special interest in creating music for school ensembles, and remains one of the most performed band composers today. 

Notes from the Wind Repertory Project 


Come Sweet Death (1976)………………….………………………...…….............J.S. Bach (1685-1750) 
arr. Alfred Reed (1921-2005)

Come, Sweet Death (Komm, süßer Tod) is one of a group of 69 so-called “Sacred Songs and Airs” attributed to J.S. Bach, each of which exists only in the form of a single melodic line with figured bass. These pieces were first published in 1736, some 14 years before Bach’s death, as the musical settings for a huge collection of 954 sacred songs edited by Bach himself. For all of its apparent simplicity of musical construction (a small, two-part song form, played through twice), this music is deeply moving and of great expressiveness, culminating in an exalted singing line that perhaps signified for the deeply religious Bach the willing embrace of death as the final deliverance from earthly strife, and an entrance into eternal glory.

Alfred Reed was an American neoclassical composer, with more than two hundred published works for concert band, orchestra, chorus, and chamber ensemble to his name. He also traveled extensively as a guest conductor, performing in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. 

Notes from the Wind Repertory Project 


Music for a Celebration (1992)………………….…………...…………………......Dirk Brossé (b. 1960) 

Music For A Celebration is considered by JWPepper a difficulty level of medium and is on the Virginia state list as a grade 4 (out of 6). The piece is about 3 minutes in length with the woodwinds primarily playing together while the brass are more part-oriented.  Music For A Celebration is subtitled “written on the occasion of 750 years Nazareth (B)” and is dedicated to Jan Desmet.  Jan Desmet is a friend of Brossè and a Belgian trumpeter and conductor who studied at the Royal Music Conservatory of Ghent where Dirk Brossé also studied. 

I have found two possibilities for the meaning of 750 years Nazareth (B). The first possibility is a woman named Beatrice who was a Cistercian nun at the convent of Nazareth passed away in 1268 which is 724 years previous to the writing of Music For A Celebration in 1992. The second possibility is a meteorite named Nazareth (B) that was found in Texas in 1967. 

Dirk Brossé was born in Ghent, Belgium in 1960. Brossé has written works for many different ensemble types including orchestra, symphonic wind bands, movie scores, musicals, theatre, chamber music, and solo piano. He is the current Director of the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Music Director of the Ghent Film Festival, and professor of composition at the Royal Music Conservator of Music in Ghent, Belgium. He published Music For A Celebration the same year he was nominated for an Academy Award for his soundtrack to the film, “Daens”. 

Notes by Preston Thomas 

Wind Symphony Program Notes

Intrinsic Light (2019)………………….…………...…………………...............Cait Nishimura (b. 1970) 

“Intrinsic light” is a term for the colour or sensation we experience in complete darkness, due to the spontaneous activity of neurons in the retina. My goal with this piece was to represent this phenomenon through sound. Reflecting on this concept prompted a deeper, metaphorical realization: even in times of darkness, we are able to observe, generate, and experience light, and that coming together to make music is one of the ways in which we can do this. When I was a high school student, I participated in the Ontario Provincial Honour Band and performed at the annual OMEA conference. It was a formative experience during which I was surrounded by others who were there out of a genuine desire to share their love of music -- a beautiful example of “intrinsic” motivation. It has been ten years since I graduated from my high school music program, and five years since completing my post-secondary studies in music, and I am endlessly grateful to have been part of the music education community in Ontario. Music teachers are some of the unseen superheroes of this world, and it was a huge honour to have been asked to write music in celebration of their work. 

Cait Nishimura (she/her) is a Canadian composer, musician, and educator based in Waterloo, Ontario. Known for writing melody-driven, programmatic music, Cait has quickly established herself as a prominent voice in the concert band community. With influences from minimalism and pop music, her work is full of simple yet lush harmonies, and themes that linger in listeners’ minds. As a lifelong environmentalist, she not only draws inspiration from the natural world but also uses her platform to advocate for conservation awareness and action. 

Cait’s music has been presented at The Midwest Clinic, MusicFest Canada, and numerous other conferences and festivals across North America. Her work has become increasingly popular among educational music programs as well as within the professional new music scene, with new works being regularly commissioned and performed by ensembles and individuals around the world. Cait is committed to creating contemporary music that is approachable, relevant, and enjoyable for all, and she is passionate about setting a positive example for future generations of musicians– especially those from historically underrepresented groups– through her creative work, her social media presence, and her dedication to mental health awareness. 

Cait was the winner of the Canadian Band Association’s composition prize in 2017. She holds degrees in music and education from the University of Toronto, but is an advocate of people pursuing their passions regardless of their field of study. All of Cait’s works are self-published under Cait Nishimura Music. 

Program notes by Cait Nishimura 


Dusk (2004)………………….…………...………………….…….......................Steven Bryant (b. 1972) 

This simple, chorale-like work captures the reflective calm of dusk, paradoxically illuminated by the fiery hues of sunset. I'm always struck by the dual nature of this experience, as if witnessing an event of epic proportions silently occurring in slow motion. Dusk is intended as a short, passionate evocation of this moment of dramatic stillness. 

Steven Bryant is an active composer and conductor with a varied catalog, including numerous works for wind ensemble, orchestra, electronic and electro-acoustic creations, music for chamber ensembles, and music for the Web. He studied composition with John Corigliano at The Juilliard School, Cindy McTee at the University of North Texas, and Francis McBeth at Ouachita University. 

Program notes by Steven Bryant 


Outlander (2010)………………….…………...………………….……..................Julie Giroux (b. 1961) 

Outlander is a musical odyssey which explores emotions and states in the extreme; fear, total isolation, violence, pain, hope, relief and in the end, tears of joy and triumph. Full of textures and dynamic contrasts this work is extremely descriptive with the help of extensive melodic percussion and piano parts. The percussion and piano pads create a wonderful pallet which at times is dark and foreboding, even primal. Other times it helps creates a melodic texture that is sadly beautiful. Outlander explores what it is to be both human and alien with an orchestration and form that is totally freestyle. 

This work reflects the futuristic musical journey of a young heroine named Nanami who has recently graduated from the Space Academy. Her first mission into space turns into a catastrophic event forcing everyone on the ship to abandon via personal escape pods. Nanami unfortunately gets sucked into a worm hole and comes outmillions of miles away from home. Low on fuel and supplies Nanami lands on a planet with oxygen and carbon-based life forms where she is an alien, captured and treated with hostility at best. Her only saving grace? On this planet, all of the creatures can hear her thoughts and she can hear theirs. The dominant race of this planet does not share this gift. Nanami uses this talent to her advantage and with the help of these creatures escapes, flies back through the worm hole and returns safely to earth. 

Julie Ann Giroux was born in Fairhaven, Massachusetts on December 12, 1961. She graduated from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge LA in 1984. She started playing piano at 3 years of age and began composing at the age of 8 and has been composing ever since. Her first published work for concert band, published by Southern Music Company was composed at the age of 13. 

Julie began composing commercially in 1984. She was hired by Oscar winning composer Bill Conti as an orchestrator, her first project with Conti being “North & South” the mini-series. With over 100 film, television and video game credits, Giroux collaborated with dozens of film composers, producers, and celebrities including Samuel Goldwyn, Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Madonna, Liza Minnelli, Celene Dion, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson, Paul Newman, Harry Connick Jr. and many others. Projects she has worked on have been nominated for Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and Golden Globe awards. She has won individual Emmy Awards in the field of “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music Direction”. When She won her first Emmy Award, she was the first woman and the youngest person to ever win that award. She has won it three times. 

Giroux has also published a large category of classical works with emphasis on original compositions for Wind Band which are published by Musica Propria and distributed internationally. She is greatly sought after as a composer and recently completing her 5th Symphony “Sun, Rain & Wind” which premiered in June 2018. Her music has been recorded and reviewed internationally receiving top reviews and her music has been performed at major music festivals the world over. 

Giroux has been a true force in a male dominated field and has accrued many previously male only awards. She is a member of ASCAP, The Film Musicians Fund, Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Beta Sigma and a member of the American Bandmasters Association. She is a recipient of the Distinguished Service to Music Medal Award, Emmy Awards and was the first female composer inducted into the American Bandmasters Association in 2009. 

Program Notes by Julie Giroux 

Kansas State University Concert Band

Sam Crawford* 
Tia Cole 
Alora Duran 

Lily Linville* 
Tony Rodriguez 

Morgan Bacon 
Nathaniel Chaput 
Mallory Libby 
Paidge Rosebaugh 
Alexis White* 
Gabby Yager 

Bass Clarinet 
Andrew Otto  Bassoon 
Cassidy Schmidt* 
Kenny Davies

Alto Saxophone
Kate Anderson*
Brenden Vining 

Tenor Saxophone
Jayci Shepard 

Baritone Saxophone
Grace Dice 

Kaylee Flaata
Donald Gaspar
Will McCreight
Caden Roark*
Braden Tinder 

French Horn
Krissy Davis 
DJ Donnelly 
Ben VanNierop* 

Peri Carney 
Jess Hergett
Malachi Williams* 

James Probst*
Stazzi Simmons 

Sabrina Gary
Daniel Smith
Michael Walker* 

Trenton Lowry*
Bryce Moore
Tristan Thompson
Ben Thorne 

Kevin Jackson 

*Denotes Principal Section Player

Kansas State University Wind Symphony

Kristen Schrag*
Laura Bogner
Jordyn Allen
Sarah Baden 
Ella Greenup
Gabby Yager
Brenda Heard (Pic) 

Sarah Kelley*
Krissy Davis
Sabrina Gary
Angel Amaro
Corrine Bergstrom
Erin Flax 
Alexis Sutton
Maggie Krout 

Grace Dice

Alli Gladfelder * 

Ethan Karnes* 

Craig Brinkman*
Abby Vetter 

Jasmine Bates 

Kenny Davies 

Haley Schwartz*
Shelton Lauderbaugh
Kate Washburn
Bryce Schreiber 

Isabel Grafel*
Charlie Marshall
Sam Allison 
Drake Middleton 

Blake Davis*
Ali Carlton
Corbin Wood 

Chandler Wilkens*
Drake Thompson
Thomas Keller 

Robert Brown*
Keialani Baker 

Ethan Jeffries*
Jacob Morgan
Jake Wall 
Owen Markwart
Noah Dial
Daniel Hubin
Gaby Fluke
Christopher Wells 

Andrew Wilson

*Denotes Principal Section Player

Concert Band Conductors

OLIVIA BAZANOS is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is one of the graduate assistants at Kansas State University. She earned her B.M. in Music Education from Slippery Rock University (SRU) in 2021.  While at SRU she was extremely involved in marching band and was a section leader, fundamentals of marching chair, and head drum major during her undergraduate career.  She has taught instrumental band grades 4-12 in public school teaching. Olivia was also an active performing member with the Slippery Rock University Winter Guard for two years. 

Olivia has instructed as visual technician, guard instructor, and woodwind instructor at local high school marching bands and substituted within various Pennsylvania school districts.  Olivia is also an active volunteer with Music For All, spending two weeks of every summer as a S.W.A.G. Team Member during her Summer Symposium held in Muncie, Indiana. 

Olivia’s professional affiliations include Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, National Association of Music Education, Music For All, Kansas Bandmasters Association, Kansas Music Educators Association, Women Band Directors International, Tau Beta Sigma, and Mu Phi Epsilon. 


CALLY BITTERLIN is a PhD Candidate and graduate assistant at Kansas State University. She earned both her B.M.E and M.M. from Kansas State University in 2008 and 201,1 respectively. While at Kansas State University, she was extremely involved in marching band and was a section leader and student staff during her undergraduate career. She has taught all grade levels K-12 in her 9 years of public school teaching. Cally has taught in Kansas, Texas, and Iowa.

In Texas, Cally taught at University High School where she oversaw the concert and symphonic bands and assisted with the marching, jazz, and mariachi bands. She also proposed and received a piano classroom and taught 3 sections of group piano lessons. Cally implemented a leadership program and training at the high school and continued to do the same in Iowa. She was a performing member in the saxophone section in the Waco Community Band and the Temple Symphonic Band. Cally was also a clinician and adjudicator for several schools and events for high schools and middle schools in Texas and continues to do so in Kansas. In Iowa, she oversaw the entire band program including color guard, athletic bands, concert, and jazz bands. The jazz and marching bands traveled in and out of state for several competitions during her tenure. Cally continued to perform on saxophone soloing for different occasions in the district and playing euphonium at Tuba Christmas.  

Cally's professional affiliations include Texas Music Educators Association, Iowa Bandmasters Association, Kansas Music Educators Association, Women Band Directors International, Tau Beta Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi. 


PRESTON THOMAS is from Lenexa, Kansas. He graduated from Kansas State University in 2019 with a Bachelor’s of Music Education Degree. During his time at Kansas State University, he was involved with the Pride of Wildcat Land Marching Band as section leader of the snare line and president of the percussion studio chapter of Percussive Arts Society. Preston also played in the Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Brass Ensemble, Woodwind Ensemble, Volleyball Pep Band, Basketball Pep Band, and Percussion Ensemble. 

After graduating Kansas State University, Preston went to Medicine Lodge, Kansas and taught grade 6-12 band and choir. During his time at Medicine Lodge, he was able to receive Superior ratings at both regional and state level competitions with all of his groups which had not been done in recent memory. He was also fortunate to be able to assist in acquiring new technology to the music department with a new digital sound and lighting system which helped bring a new energy to the concerts and performances. 


TRAVIS TURNER is currently an M.M. candidate at Kansas State University. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) in 2020, where he was involved in the marching band, taking on the role of drum captain for the drumline and later a student staff position. He also performed with the MSSU Wind Ensemble, acting as principal trombonist, and the MSSU Jazz Orchestra. He also performed with Resistance Indoor Percussion, an independent open class ensemble based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. While performing with Resistance, Travis took on leadership roles within the ensemble and earned the “Member of the Year” award in 2018 and 2019.

Travis has worked with several high schools in Southwest Missouri, as well as the Wichita and Tulsa areas, teaching drumline and visual fundamentals. In his most recent endeavor, he was the Assistant Percussion Coordinator for the Joplin High School Winter Drumline, where he helped lead the ensemble to their highestscoring season in five years. He also worked with Resistance Indoor Percussion in the 2020 season, working with the bass drums and teaching visual fundamentals. Travis has also started a small design business with his brother, writing and arranging shows for marching bands.

Wind Symphony Conductors

DR. ALEX WIMMER is currently serving as the Assistant Director of Bands at Kansas State University. His duties include directing the Wind Symphony, Cat Band (basketball pep band), Volleyball Band, Pub Crawl Band, Assistant Marching Band Director for the Pride of Wildcat Land (KSUMB), arranger and drill designer for the KSUMB, and instructor of undergraduate and graduate courses in conducting, arranging, and marching band techniques. During the summer he coordinates the K-State Summer Music Camp and K-State Leadership and Auxiliary Camp, and serves as one of the Assistant Directors of the Manhattan Municipal Band. Prior to his appointment at Kansas State University, Dr. Wimmer was a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Kansas State University Bands. He assisted with all concert and athletic ensembles, undergraduate conducting courses, and Percussion Ensembles. His research interests include undergraduates conducting with expressivity and qualitative research.  

Originally from Gretna, Nebraska, Dr. Wimmer received his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, his Master of Music degree in Education with an emphasis in Wind Conducting from Kansas State University, and his Doctorate in Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction from Kansas State University. Dr. Wimmer was the Director of Bands at Gretna High School and the Assistant Director of Bands at Gretna Middle School. He was a recipient of the Jack R. Snider Young Band Director Award in 2011 and served on the Nebraska Music Educators Association Leadership Academy from 2011-2012.  

Dr. Wimmer is in demand as a conductor, clinician, and adjudicator as well as a percussion specialist. His professional affiliations include the Kansas Music Educators Association, the Kansas Bandmasters Association, the National Association for Music Education, the College Band Directors National Association, the Percussive Arts Society, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and Phi Kappa Lambda. He was recently voted president-elect (2021-2022) of the Kansas Bandmasters Association and will eventually serve as president (2023-2024). He also co-chairs the New Band Director Bootcamp during the Kansas Bandmasters Association’s summer convention.