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Human Resources

About the Compensation Initiative

To meet our 2025 vision, K-State will need to recruit and retain a highly talented, diverse workforce through strategies such as:

  • Ensuring compensation, including non-monetary, for all employees comparable with our benchmark institutions and regional employers.
  • Identifying additional incentives to reward the achievement of excellence and attainment of our 2025 vision.
  • Reviewing, revising and revamping university human resource processes and services to facilitate the recruitment, retention and development of a highly qualified, high performing workforce.
  • Ensuring competitive total compensation with aspirant university and regional employers for faculty and staff in high priority areas.

Compensation methodology

Learn how K-State's compensation philosophy and approach applies to each employee and their position. Through the development of pay grades and a redesign of the University's compensation structure, we can help to ensure employees are paid fairly and competitively for the duties and responsibilities of their job.

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