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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Student Staff

Grow Your Leadership Identity

Work with the Staley School of Leadership Studies to lead program, administrative, instructional, and public relations efforts. Coordinator positions offer K-State students a unique leadership development experience where you will practice collaboration, respect for all, integrity, and service for a common purpose. Through these experiences, staff develop their own leadership identity and are better prepared for leadership as future professionals. 

Visit our employment opportunities page to learn more about joining the Staley School staff.

Meet Our Staff

Academic Mentors

Shannon Bellamy

Learn more about Academic Mentors
Email: amentor@k-state.edu

Administrative Support Staff

Lilly Marshall
Grace Meindl

Email: leadreps@k-state.edu

Alternative Breaks 

Katie Buhler
Gracyn Higley
Siera Shirley

Learn more about Alternative Breaks
Email: altbreak@k-state.edu

HandsOn Kansas State 

Lindsey Hamner
Cally Williams

Learn more about HandsOn Kansas State
Email: handson@k-state.edu

International Service Teams

Francisco Cardoza
Chelsea Turner

Learn more about International Service Teams
Email: intlteam@ksu.edu

LEAD 212 Class Leaders

Learn more about LEAD 212 Class Leaders, including a list of current student staff.

Public Relations Coordinators

Riley Faulk
Anna Spexarth
Kate Torline

Email: slsinfo@k-state.edu

Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Civic Leadership Institute Coordinators

Katie Buhler
Justice Catron
Gabby Coleman
Katie Meek
Jehu Mette
Hannah Sutherland
Chelsea Turner