Food Security Scholars


This program is for students who are interested in understanding food security systems and challenging the way we think about food insecurity, community need and how we provide food.

This program is open to all Kansas State University students - undergraduate and graduate - in all areas of study.

Why join Food Security Scholars?


Empowering scholars by fostering curiosity and community to make progress toward a food secure world.


The Food Security Scholars (FSS) is a collaborative leadership development program for K-State students who are passionate about addressing food insecurity and the poverty cycle. Housed in the Staley School of Leadership Studies, FSS is a two-phase program where a cohort of scholars undergo a variety of experiences in food security.

Food Security Scholars at Kansas State University

Phase I includes guided learning, community groups, and roundtable discussion with the goal of increasing awareness of food insecurity. Phase II is focused on experiential learning through tours and volunteer activities.

In Phase I, scholars will:

  • engage in an eight week program from September to December
  • assemble for 90 minute periods once per week for cohort activities
  • are connected to peers who lead community group reflections outside of program coursework
  • interact with the Board of Stakeholders made up of local leaders in food security, research, and volunteerism through roundtable discussions, forums, and volunteer opportunities

In Phase II, scholars will:

  • meet every other week throughout the semester to reflect on experiences with their cohort
  • engage in hands-on learning such as volunteering, service learning, and witnessing food insecure communities
  • connect with professionals in the food security realm in private, public, and nonprofit sectors including recent K-State Alumni
  • invest in food security efforts through research, volunteerism, and leadership

After Phase II, scholars may:

  • lead FSS as a member of the Student Advisory Leadership Team (SALT).
  • apply for undergraduate research experiences
  • connect with Board of Stakeholders for opportunities in food security experiences
  • utilize skills and network gained from FSS to pursue personal projects
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Qualifications and Selections

  • Candidates must have two semesters of college remaining and be in good standing with Kansas State University.
  • No other GPA, age, grade, major or graduate/undergraduate requirements exist.
  • Selection process includes application and interview round.
  • Candidates who move to the interview round will participate in two-on-ones, walk and talks and group discussions Sept. 19, 2021.



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