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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Kim Ralston

Kim RalstonCommunications program administrator
kamullen@ksu.edu | View my resume
Communication | Futuristic | Strategic | Responsibility | Arranger 
Campus office: 223 Leadership Studies Building


I utilize my strengths to help recruit and create more capable leaders for the world. The students and faculty here know that what they are learning and teaching will complement and enhance any career or lifestyle. My goal is to let the world know that, and bring everyone in to join us in this pursuit.

  • Manage strategic communications 
  • Assist with student advising, staff development and course schedule
  • Advise Staley School Ambassadors

Professional expertise

  • Strategic communications
  • Digital marketing
  • Enrollment management
  • Advising
  • Alumni engagement


CASE District VI awards

  • 2019: Silver - Best Uses of Social Media - Ernie the Elf holiday social media campaign
  • 2018: Gold - Digital Communications - Career Services Facebook live videos
  • 2018: Gold - Digital Communications - K-State tumbler giveaway
  • 2018: Silver - Digital Communications - E-newsletter Willie the Wildcat cartoon ad
  • 2018: Bronze - Special Events - K-State Fight Song 90th anniversary
  • 2017: Bronze - Digital Communications - Born To Be A Wildcat coloring pages
  • 2016: Silver - Digital Communications - #DormWars



  • B.A. in communication studies, Kansas State University

More about me

I love all things Disney, music, creative and clever internet humor, Target and snacks. I value sharing stories and letting people see how weird you are - odds are good that you have more in common than you think!