Timothy Steffensmeier, Ph.D.

Tim Steffensmeier, Ph.D.

Director, Office of Engagement; Professor
steffy@ksu.edu, View my CV
Strategic | Individualization | Achiever | Competition | Ideation
Campus office: 103 Leadership Studies Building


  • Director, K-State Office of engagement
  • Director, Third Floor Research a partnership with the Kansas Leadership Center
  • Director of the Office of Engagement
  • The K-State Office of Engagement assists Kansans and communities beyond to access the resources and expertise of our land-grant University. We work to maximize the investment Kansans have made in higher education.

Core services:

-Connect K-State’s expertise to the needs of Kansas by partnering with communities, businesses, and organizations

-Coordinate and promote engaged scholarly activities across the university

-Communicate the relevance and impact of this work to Kansans and beyond

  • Director of Third Floor Research
  • Founding director of an international research initiative that fosters innovation in the exercise and development of leadership in a rapidly changing world. Third Floor Research is a partnership between the Kansas Leadership and the Staley School of Leadership at Kansas State University.


My teaching has evolved through three phases:

  1. Delivering engaging content and creating discussion to learn new ideas
  2. Fostering deliberation and co-ownership of knowledge
  3. Using real-time interactions and dynamics in the room for experiential learning

Beyond teaching graduate students at K-State, I teach thousands of adults on leading change at the Kansas Leadership Center. This includes international experience, most recently, working on leadership development in Senegal, Japan, Australia and Myanmar.

Current courses

  • Leadership communication doctoral program faculty, LEAD 814: Graduate Studies in Leadership Communication