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Staley School of Leadership Studies

Mac Benavides

Mac Benavides Graduate teaching assistant
mb2008@ksu.edu, View my CV
Strategic | Individualization | Communications | Adaptability | Connectedness
Campus office: 204 Leadership Studies Building


I'm excited to work with students on their leadership journey and help them practice being reflective and mindful in their work with others. Coming from both teaching and student affairs backgrounds, I love how the Staley School approaches student success from a curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular perspective. 

  • Teach LEAD 350: Culture and Context in Leadership
  • Coordinate Academic Mentors program


I am interested in exploring how leaders create, or do not create, inclusive spaces in their organizations and communities through their leadership. I believe intercultural awareness is a cornerstone of successful leadership development, and am interested in learning more about how individuals come to see themselves as capable of practicing intercultural leadership for social change.

  • Intercultural leadership


  • NASPA NOW Professional Recognition, NASPA, Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, 2019


  • Ph.D. student in leadership communication, Kansas State University
  • M.A. in student affairs administration, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • B.A. in Spanish, Kansas State University
  • B.S. in secondary education, Kansas State University

More about me

Hanging out with my spouse and my newborn child at the end of the day brings me joy and new energy!