Tamara Bauer

Tamara Bauer

Instructor, director of leadership and service programs
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Campus office: 222 Leadership Studies Building


My greatest aspiration is to create a student-centered learning environment that facilitates transformational learning for all. Transformational learning shapes us in ways we and others can see – and this learning should prepare us for all aspects of life. We will engage in critical thought and dialogue to advance the ways we exercise leadership in our academic, personal, professional and civic lives to make progress on the opportunities and challenges of today and the future.

Current courses

  • LEAD 195: First in the Family CAT Community
  • LEAD 212: Introduction to Leadership Concepts
  • LEAD 251: Honors Leadership
  • LEAD 312: Peer Leader Practicum
  • LEAD 350: Culture & Context in Leadership
  • LEAD 405: Leadership in Practice
  • LEAD 450: Senior Seminar in Leadership