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Welcome to the Teaching & Learning Center

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) is entering a new phase of activity, purpose, and enthusiasm. The TLC has long been the source for faculty development – through programs designed for improving teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning, as well as supporting the administration, processing, and guidance for using the TEVAL student evaluation of instruction survey. Spotlight on K-State is still on schedule for the spring 2020 semester to highlight outstanding teachers in the university community. We will also be continuing with our excellent development opportunities, including the Faculty Exchange for Teaching Excellence, New Faculty Institute, and Peer Review of Teaching, not to mention the GTA Professional Development series

K-State places high value on teaching and learning. It is what separates us from many of our peers. While we recognize the importance of excelling in research and scholarship, faculty at K-State take remarkable pride in their teaching. Students are the lifeblood of the university, and we want to assure that they are fully prepared for the challenges they will face in their future.      

So what is the new phase of the TLC?  It is each one of us continuously improving our abilities to enhance the learning of our students. That is the K-State way – each day, getting better at what we do. We should all take pride in proclaiming “I teach at K-State.”

What should you look for from the TLC in 2019-2020?

  • Monthly teaching improvement workshops
  • Increased emphasis on:
    • Infusing diversity and inclusion concepts into classes
    • Engaging students in online classes
    • Improving accessibility of course materials
    • Assessing student learning
  • Bi-weekly newsletter to better communicate with the university community
  • Enhanced social media presence via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • More public recognition of outstanding teachers
  • And more!

The staff of the TLC is excited about where we are heading in the coming academic year!  We are here to serve the faculty development needs of the university community. Feel free to send us your feedback and thoughts, or to drop in to visit anytime. 

Welcome to the new chapter of the TLC!  See you soon!


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Upcoming Events 

New Faculty Institute – Time with Provost Charles Taber
Tuesday, September 24th from 11:30am-1:00pm in Cottownwood Room in the K State Student Union
in Cottownwood Room in the K State Student Union
Register HERE 

TLC Professional Development Series
The K-State Family: How We Follow Through on the Promise of Support
Presented by Andy Thompson (Office of Student Life)
Wednesday, October 2nd from 11:00am-12:00pm in CBA 4061
Register HERE

TLC Professional Development Series

How to Teach Multidisciplinary Content Through Historical Narratives
Presented by Justin Kastner (Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology)
Thursday, October 10th from 3:00-4:00pm in CBA 40611
Register HERE

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