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Drops and Withdrawals

University Handbook, F64.1-F64.7

Dropping or Withdrawing from K-State can have a number of consequences beyond leaving courses. Please select the appropriate checklist and follow the steps indicated to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Prior to withdrawing from K-State, please be sure to see the academic calendar for withdrawal and refund deadlines. In addition, there are a number of items to consider before withdrawing.

If a student decides to stop participating in a course BEFORE the Last Day to Drop Classes (also known as a Drop without Penalty), it is defined as dropping a course. If a student decides to stop participating in a course AFTER the drop/add deadline (also known as Drop with Penalty), it is defined as withdrawing from a course.

Grades of 'W' do not count towards a student's GPA.


A student may, prior to the Last Day to Drop Classes (without 'W' reflecting on the official transcript). Dropped courses do not appear on a student’s transcript. Consider the implications of dropping a course and be aware of the deadlines


A student may decide to stop participation in a course after the Last Day to Drop Classes which would be classified as a Course Withdrawal.  A withdrawal usually means the course remains on the official transcript with a grade of 'W'. It does not affect the student's GPA (grade point average). Students should also consider the implications of withdrawing from one or more courses and be aware of the deadlines the Last Day to Withdraw (drop with 'W' on the transcript).

Although students may be reluctant to have a 'W' on their transcript, sometimes 'W' stands for Wisdom.

Summer Semester:

A summer withdrawal requires no approval from the student's academic dean's office. Students should drop their courses in KSIS.

Refer to courses.k-state.edu/courses >Course Schedules > Academic Term > Course schedule > K-State's schedule of courses by college and department with instructions for non-standard drop and refund dates.

Other Resources:

Withdrawing from K-State and Return of Federal, Title IV, Funds


Appeal for Late Drop/Withdrawal After Deadline

 Students requesting to drop or withdraw from a class or classes for which the drop or withdrawal deadline has passed are required to fill out the fillable PDF: Late Drop/Withdrawal Appeal Form and work with their Academic Advisor and College Dean's Office for signatures and submission to the University Late Drop/Withdrawal Committee.

  • Appeals filed after the semester’s end are unlikely to be granted unless extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control prevented the student from meeting relevant registration and appeal deadlines. 

  • Appeals filed after a degree has been awarded will not be considered. 

  • An approved late drop or withdrawal does not automatically mean a refund will be approved.  Refunds cannot be made for classes in which the student is still enrolled and any prior requests for refunds of tuition and fees are considered when determining approval or denial of a request. 

Refer to the Required Steps for Submitting the Late Drop/Withdrawal Appeal Form for the process, instructions, and timeline for response.

The University Late Drop/Withdrawal Committee (8271) meets twice a month. Appeals must be complete (ALL SIGNATURES pg. 3-5) and submitted from the College Dean's Office to be assigned for committee consideration.  Appeals are logged-in and assigned to the next available meeting based on the order received. 

Depending on the time of year it can take a full 45 business days (excluding weekends, holidays, and university closures) for Committee Meeting assignment, review, and decision.



Guidance for Writing an Effective Appeal Letter

Problem Solving - the basics

Letters of appeal

An example of key questions the committee would like to see addressed in the reason for appeal are (1) did the circumstances described prevent the student from dropping/withdrawing the course(s) within the drop/withdrawal deadline, and (2) why did the circumstances described affect only the course(s) requested to be dropped.

Extenuating Circumstances

If any documentation exists with one of the student resource offices listed below, regarding a medical or personal emergency that contributed to missing the official drop/withdrawal deadlines, please work with that office to determine if your request for appeal is required or if a letter of verification or support would be applicable with this appeal. You may include a letter from a medical provider if applicable but DO NOT submit any medical records with this appeal. If you do not have a direct medical provider, you may want to work with the appropriate office below to verify the medical documentation.