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Counseling Services

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KSU Counseling Services is located at:
1105 Sunset Ave, Room 101
If you need help finding our office, please call 785-532-6927

Make An Appointment

The emphasis of our services is to provide brief intervention in a student's life that may assist in decision making, skill building, or mental health support. The overriding goal for all students is to maintain successful academic progress and personal well-being.  We provide:

  • Short-term, focused counseling to currently registered K-State students in areas of:
    • Decision-Making
    • Crisis intervention
    • Adjustment
    • Matters of Personal Concern  
    • Support throughout the Semester

Consultation to K-State Faculty and Staff

  • Assist in the identification and referral of additional and appropriate resources on campus or in the community.

What to Expect at your first session

  • Staff will help you resolve your issue or assist you in scheduling an appointment with an alternative resource within the community.
  • Attend your scheduled meeting with your assigned counselor.  If for any reason you cannot attend your scheduled meeting. please call as early as possible to reschedule or cancel.
Counseling Services provides services in an atmosphere welcoming diversity in culture, sexual orientation, religion, and other factors of difference.  We support the SAFE ZONE on campus.