How to Find a Therapist

Before searching, think about what you want to change, if you need a therapist with special skills or training, and if there are qualities that you would like to have in a therapist. When you call a therapist in private practice, realize that they generally do not have reception staff so it may take time for them to return your call. If you do not receive a call back, call other therapists.

The following is a list of other resources that may be of help to you in your search for a therapist:

  • Conduct a Google search of mental health providers in your area. Most therapists/counseling centers have websites with important/helpful information about the provider(s) and the services they offer.
  • If you have insurance, contact them to obtain a list of/information about in-network providers in your area as well as getting an idea of out of pocket expenses, co-payments, and deductibles for which you may be responsible.
  • Talk with your primary care physician and ask if they know of mental health providers to whom they could refer you.
  • Family and friends may also have information about mental health providers/agencies near you.
  • Helpful Search Tool
    • Go to Psychology Today webpage: Psychology Today Therapist Finder
    • Click on "Find a Therapist" or scroll down to the "Find a Therapist" search bar
    • Enter your zip code (or neighborhood if you are in larger place)
    • Use the filter to choose your insurance (if you are using insurance)

Once you have found a therapist, try working with them for a few sessions to get a clearer sense of whether or not they are a good fit for you and your needs/goals and talk with them if you have concerns. They may be able to adjust or they may refer you to another therapist who might be a better fit. If the therapist takes the conversation personally, find another therapist.