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Office of the Registrar

25 Live Guidelines

For Academic Department or College level Schedulers When Assigning Department Space
  1. All classes, meetings, special events, or any other activities assigned a classroom, or other department space must be scheduled in 25Live. KSU Police Department has access to 25Live and needs to know where all events of any kind are scheduled in the event of an emergency.
  2. Departments must adhere to the fire marshal regulations and may not exceed room capacities.
  3. Schedulers are encouraged to follow standard class meeting times to utilize departmental space efficiently and provide students with maximum scheduling flexibility.
  4. Schedulers may contact departments outside their own managed space if the need for special technology rooms or labs exists, or they have no department space of their own available. Schedulers must contact the scheduler that manages the desired space to check for availability and assign the space in 25Live.

25Live Guidelines - PDF

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