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Late Drop/Withdrawal Form Instructions


PDF version: Access the Late Drop/Withdrawal Form

Word Doc version: Access the Late Drop/Withdrawal Form


The student, with minor exceptions, must be the one to initiate this form and process.  It is important to have a written reason for the request from the student's perspective allowing them to state the case for why consideration of a late drop/withdrawal is being requested.  Only students can make their case and additional offices can provide documentation in support of or against the appeal.  

Student Information Section:

  1. Student Name: Last Name, First Name, MI
  2. WID
  3. K-State E-mail 
  4. Phone
  5. Term and Year of appeal
  6. Today's Date
  7. Student Signature:  we encourage the student to print and sign if possible.  If the student does not have access to a printer, the student may send the completed/saved form from their K-State email.  Because the student must authenticate when logging into their K-State email, the email can act as the signature/approval to move forward with the form.  The e-mail will be required with the form as proof of signature

If the student belongs to one or more of the three statuses listed below, he/she/they should consult with the affiliated office about the effects of a late drop/withdrawal request.

  1. International Student
  2. NCAA Division I Student-Athlete
  3. Veteran Benefits Eligible Student

Action Being Requested

Is the appeal for a Full University (ALL classes listed for the term): Drop or Withdrawal


Is the student requesting an individual Drop or Withdrawal for specific courses in the term listed on the form?

**Requests will be required to obtain the Instructor Signature and will require the last date of attendance

Reason for Appeal:

To be completed by the student.  The student should state the extraordinary/extenuating circumstances that caused them to miss the drop or withdrawal deadline for the course(s) listed. Extenuating circumstances are something beyond the student’s control that prevented them from meeting the registration or appeal deadline(s) – (e.g., medical condition, death of an immediate family member, accident, advisor error, etc.). Submission of all requested materials and documentation is not a guarantee that the appeal will be approved.

Refer to the links below for Guidance on Writing an Effective Appeal Letter:

Problem Solving - the basics

Letters of appeal

An example of key questions the committee would like to see addressed in the reason for appeal are (1) did the circumstances described prevent the student from dropping/withdrawing the course(s) within the drop/withdrawal deadline, and (2) why did the circumstances described affect only the course(s) requested to be dropped.


Appeal Categories:

Medical Emergency

The student should indicate whether any documentation exists within one of the offices listed below regarding a medical or personal emergency that may have contributed to missing the deadline.  If the student is working with the Office of Student Life and that office affirms that the appeal meets the requirements under the medical documentation provided for approval of the Late Drop/Withdrawal request.  The Office of Student Life will forward the form to the Office of the Registrar for processing.  

Military Deployment


It is possible that the Office of Student Life or Office of Veteran Affairs may need to fill out the form on behalf of the student due to deployment.  Discussion between the Office of Student Life and/or Veteran Affairs and the Office of the Registrar will determine the next steps. 

Other Circumstances

The student must state how the extraordinary or extenuating circumstances changed or arose AFTER the deadline in the Reason for Appeal section.  If the appeal is for courses not in a current term or if not for ALL courses in the term, students must explain the circumstances that affect the prior term request or why it only affects only the course(s) requested.

Required Review/Signatures Before Submission:

The form must be

  1. reviewed and signed by the students academic/faculty advisor (if applicable),
  2. reviewed and signed by the students College Dean's Office Designee ( all UG, GR, DVM students) of the students primary major,
  3. **reviewed and signed by the Graduate School (only if a Graduate Student)

All reviews may indicate support, non-support, or no opinion along with an opportunity to explain their reason/rationale.

Submission to the Office of the Registrar:

Once the form is complete including ALL SIGNATURES (refer to pg. 3-5) and necessary supporting evidence the Office of the Registrar will log the receipt of the appeal and prepare it to go on the agenda of the next available meeting.  

  • Students will be notified in writing (or email) within fifteen (15) business days (excluding weekends, holidays, and University Closures) that their appeal has been received. 
  • When all documentation is received, the Committee will aim to consider the appeal and issue a decision within thirty (30) to forty-five (45) business days (excluding weekends, holidays, and University Closures).