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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

From the Provost's Desk

March 9, 2011

General Education Transition to K-State 8

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As an institution of higher education, Kansas State University strongly supports a program of general education that exposes all students to different perspectives and a wide range of disciplines regardless of their chosen focus of study.

In May 2009, Faculty Senate approved a new system for general education designed “to awaken and ignite students’ interest in varying disciplines, while also teaching knowledge and skills expected of college-educated individuals” (2007-2008 General Education Task Force proposal). This spring we begin the transition of students to this new general education program – what we call the K-State 8.
Eight areas of study have been identified for the program, and K-State courses that fulfill these areas have been identified. The areas of study are:

  • Aesthetic experience and interpretive understanding
  • Empirical and quantitative reasoning
  • Ethical reasoning and responsibility
  • Global issues and perspectives
  • Historical perspectives
  • Human diversity within the U.S.
  • Natural and physical sciences
  • Social sciences

New students enrolling for the first time in summer 2011 will be required to fulfill the K-State 8 general education requirements. Students who began at K-State before then may choose to move to the K-State 8 program or complete their degrees with the University General Education (UGE) requirements. Advisors will play a major role during the transition helping students plan their programs of study. Many of you have already participated in iSIS training addressing the new K-State 8 program, and Dr. Vicki Clegg has been providing information to help with the transition.

An assessment plan for this new system was adopted by Faculty Senate in fall 2010. As we move forward with the new K-State 8 program, we will assess its effectiveness to ensure we are providing students with the breadth of learning and experiences that will benefit them throughout their lives. Your input will be critical in this assessment.

Please visit the newly-designed K-State 8 website where you will find the K-State 8 area descriptions, frequently asked questions, and other helpful information, including links to the University General Education requirements. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or Dr. Clegg at 532-7828 or thekstate8@k-state.edu.

Many of you are responsible for making K-State 8 a reality – beginning with a brainstorming committee in Spring 2003. The new program is a major accomplishment, and I congratulate and thank all who worked to make this happen.

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Provost and Senior Vice President


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