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July 17, 2017

Update on FY18 salary adjustments

Submitted by President Richard Myers and Provost and Senior Vice President April Mason

President Richard Myers and Provost and Senior Vice President April Mason

Dear Colleagues,

We have received final guidance from the State Department of Administration, the Division of the Budget and the Kansas Board of Regents regarding the Legislature's authorized pay provisions for specific state employees. Legislation authorized a 2.5 percent cost of living adjustment, or COLA, for state employees with less than five years of state service and a 5 percent COLA for those employees with more than five years of service, as long as those employees had not received a pay adjustment within the past five years.

K-State has provided university wide salary increases for faculty, unclassified staff and university support staff within the past five years, so our employees are not eligible for the 5 percent COLA. Under the salary plan approved by the legislature, the 2.5 percent increase would only be given to employees hired within the past five years.

In order to be fair and equitable, we are moving forward in expanding the legislative pay plan to provide an additional 1.5 percent COLA for all benefits-eligible faculty and staff members, including professional and university support staff. This is in addition to the one percent COLA employees received at the start of this fiscal year, resulting in a total increase of 2.5 percent. Employees who received an additional FY 18 salary adjustment of more than 2.5 percent will not qualify for a further salary adjustment. However, if you received an increase from a faculty promotion, professorial performance award or market equity adjustment, you will be eligible for the additional increase.

The additional increase will take effect with the July 2 pay period for 12-month employees and on Aug. 13 for 9-month employees. Information on how the additional 1.5 percent COLA was calculated will be shared with college and unit business officers. Employees who are receiving the additional 1.5 percent will be notified by Human Capital Services.

This additional investment is another positive step in improving compensation for all of our valued employees. If you have any questions please contact Ethan Erickson in the Budget Office at eerickson@ksu.edu or Alma Deutsch in Human Capital Services at almamd@ksu.edu. Thanks for all you do for K-State.

Richard Myers         April Mason
President                Provost and Senior Vice President