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K-State in the news today

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Tuesday, July 23, 2024


New credit-building products are gaming the system in a bad way, experts say
07/23/24 USA Today
Blake Gray, an assistant professor of personal financial planning at Kansas State University, spoke on the importance of obtaining an accurate credit report. The purpose of credit is to allow a stranger to evaluate another stranger’s likelihood of repaying a loan on time and in full, said Gray. ““To protect consumers we need to ensure accurate and complete information is shared with the reporting agencies, even if it is reflected with lower credit scores for those who have made mistakes,” he said. 


While drought is receding in northeast Kansas, swaths of the state still parched
07/22/24 Topeka Capital-Journal
Drought is relative and is defined by its deviation from what is typical. So, in the more precipitous east, it will take more rainfall to get back to normal than in the dryer west. Currently, reservoirs in northeast Kansas are all running above average. “All of our reservoirs in northeast Kansas, our Kansas River main stem, are in flood control stage right now," said Susan Metzger, director of the Kansas Water Institute at Kansas State University, "and so that's a product of rainfall and snow melt that's happened throughout the entire basin to bring those water levels up.”