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K-State in the news today

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Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019


New portable DNA sequencer quickly and accurately diagnoses wheat viruses
10/22/19 ScienceDaily
These scientists, based at the USDA-ARS and Kansas State University, are now working on improving the technique so that it can be used in field applications. Their research, described in "Wheat Virus Identification Within Infected Tissue Using Nanopore Sequencing Technology" published in the September issue of Plant Disease, is the first report of using the new portable DNA sequencing technology for wheat virus identification. These results have broad application to plant and animal disease identification and field diagnostics technology.

See the year's best pictures of the hidden microscopic world
10/22/19 MSN
These leaflike structures are ovaries from a female Drosophila fly, stained to highlight nuclei (green), protein filaments (yellow), and the ovaries’ follicle cells (magenta). Image by Yujun Chen and Jocelyn McDonald, Kansas State University, Department of Biology


People in the emptying parts of rural Kansas insist ‘We’re not going to let them die’
10/22/19 Lawrence Journal-World
But like the economic factors that forced railroads to consolidate and sent many of America’s factory jobs to foreign shores, those driving change in the ag sector can’t be reversed, said John Leatherman, an agriculture economist at Kansas State University.


Tips for preventing wildfires and how to protect lives and property when they occur
10/22/19 B104.7
A resource available to anyone wanting to further look into what they can do prepare not just their property, but also livestock, is the Kansas Wildland Fire Action Plan. This resource, which was put together by the Kansas Forest Service, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and Kansas State University, can be accessed at pottcounty.org. 

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