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K-State in the news today

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Monday, April 22, 2024


Don't make these mistakes when discussing money as a couple
4/20/2024 Today Online
Despite the financial stresses many couples face, having playful conversations about money can help, said Dr. Megan McCoy, an assistant professor in the personal financial planning department at Kansas State University. For example: Twice a year, Dr. McCoy and her husband buy a Powerball ticket and spend a date night talking about what they would do if they won.


K-State Crowned National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Team
4/19/2024 Alliance Grain Co.
The Kansas State University Meat Animal Evaluation Team won National Champion honors at the 2024 Collegiate Meat Animal Evaluation Contest hosted in Laramie, Wyoming. The team was recognized Saturday, April 13, following the three-day competition.

What's inside the mystery insect egg in your backyard garden?
4/20/2024 KSNT
Far from harboring any pests that might hurt the plants in your garden, these hardened Styrofoam-like eggs actually contain insects that can help keep your herbs and flowers safe. The eggs contain young praying mantids, also referred to as praying mantises, which can bring many benefits to your backyard garden. Kansas State University Entomologist Raymond Cloyd recently shared why these "guardians of the garden" should be welcomed by gardeners. The insects prey upon other pests like flies, crickets and wasps once they grow large enough.


Boys State of Kansas offering college credit, scholarships for attendees
4/20/2024 JC Post
The American Legion Boys State of Kansas has announced a partnership with Kansas State University to offer attendees of the leadership program three hours of college credit at a significant discount. … Kansas State is offering two sections of Introduction to Political Science (POLSC 110) specifically for Kansas Boys State attendees. Attending KBS will fulfill a portion of the course requirements with additional course work assigned by the instructor, Nate Birkhead, Ph.D., associate professor of political science.


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