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K-State Today

December 17, 2020

Non-instructional well-being day added to spring 2021 academic calendar

Submitted by Chuck Taber

Dear K-State community,

When we announced the adjusted academic calendar for spring 2021 and the elimination of a traditional spring break, we indicated that two non-instructional well-being days would be scheduled in consultation with the Student Governing Association. The university calendar committee, Student Governing Association, and Faculty Senate have provided input and careful consideration of a myriad of factors, including the projected course of the pandemic, the impact on academic instruction, and student and faculty well-being.

Based on these factors, input from the university calendar committee and student and faculty leadership, and approval by the Kansas Board of Regents yesterday, I am announcing a single universitywide non-instructional well-being day on April 16. The newly revised spring 2021 calendar reflects this change.

The purpose of the well-being day is to support the mental health and well-being of our students and faculty by providing a respite from instruction and time away from homework, class activities and meetings. Campuses will remain open and students will be expected to remain on campus. The decision to eliminate a traditional spring break was not easy; yet, it remains one of the ways the university can reduce risks related to the global pandemic by minimizing mass travel to and from our K-State campuses.

I want to remind faculty of the importance of preserving the well-being day as non-instructional. There should be no class meetings, assignments due, or exams administered. There should also be an effort to avoid scheduling assignments or exams immediately following the well-being day in an effort to give students the chance to use the day as it was designed — to rest and recharge.

In lieu of the second well-being day, Faculty Senate recommended that individual faculty members also consider providing at their discretion an additional non-instructional day. Faculty are encouraged to provide an additional day with no class scheduled.

Since March, our students, faculty and staff have shown a tremendous amount of resilience in the face of enormous challenges. It is critically important that we continue to extend grace and flexibility as we work together to support student success and the well-being of our students, faculty and staff.

Please take care of yourself and each other. 


Chuck Taber
Provost and executive vice president