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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

About the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

Charles TaberCharles Taber

Provost and Executive Vice President

108 Anderson Hall

Meet the Provost

Fred BurrackFred Burrack

Director, Assessment

226 Anderson Hall

Selected Areas of Responsibility

  • Student Learning/Student Experience Assessment

Lynn CarlinLynn Carlin

Special Assistant to the Provost

108 Anderson Hall 

Selected Areas of Responsibility

  • K-State 2025 strategic planning/reporting
  • Institutional special projects/initiatives coordination and management
  • Executive-level staff support and coordination
  • Communications from the provost
  • Administrative planning and policy and procedures analysis/review/development
  • University Handbook/Department Head Manual maintenance/updates
  • Committee Handbook

Grant ChapmanGrant Chapman

Associate Provost
Office of International Programs
English Language Program
International Student Center

304 Fairchild Hall

Selected Areas of Responsibility

  • International student services
  • International student recruitment
  • Education Abroad/English Language Program
  • International outreach
  • Events and lecture series

Jana FallinJana Fallin

Director, Teaching and Learning Center

206 Anderson Hall

Selected Areas of Responsibility

  • Teaching and learning best practices
  • Events and professional development programs
  • Assessment of teachers

Dr. Brian NiehoffBrian Niehoff

Associate Provost, Institutional Effectiveness

202 Anderson Hall

Selected Areas of Responsibility

  • Assessment
  • Accreditation
  • Institutional program reviews
  • Institutional research and reports
  • University Distinguished Professors
  • Faculty awards and recognition
  • Faculty/academic administrators development and mentoring
  • General use and technology classrooms
  • Reporting units include Assessment, Planning and Analysis, and the Teaching and Learning Center
  • Institutional Reporting
  • Program Review

Dr. David ProcterDavid Procter

Director, Center for Engagement and Community Development

202 Ahearn Field house

Selected Areas of Responsibility

  • Oversight of expanded outreach and engagement through campus and community partnerships

Mary Hale TolarMary Hale Tolar

Director, Associate Professor
Staley School of Leadership Studies

103 Leadership Studies Building

Selected Areas of Responsibility

Provost Office Staff

Craig BourneCraig Bourne

Executive Assistant

108 Anderson Hall

Selected Areas of Responsibility

  • Staff support and calendar/scheduling coordination and management for the Provost
  • Office coordination and management
  • Deans council support
  • Human resources support, including all personnel actions requiring Provost approval, executive searches, and conflict of interest and consulting requests
  • Event coordination for University Distinguished Professors
  • Managing the Provost's inbox
  • Maintaining record files

Sandra BraseSandra Brase

Program/Project Coordinator

108 Anderson Hall

Selected Areas of Responsibility

  • K-State 2025 strategic planning and reporting
  • Program and Projects Coordination and Support
  • Deans Council Support
  • Committee management support, including the University Committee Handbook
  • Communications support, including Provost Office website
  • University Handbook and Department/Unit Head Manual support
  • Administrative support for University Distinguished Professors Nominations and Awards
  • Professorial Performance Award Support
  • Staff support to the Provost, as needed


Provost Organizational Chart

Functional Organizational Chart