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Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President

From the Provost's Desk

April 18, 2011

Transition to K-State Today

Dear Faculty and Staff,

K-State Today was initiated over a month ago as a daily email providing announcements, news, and event notices to K-State faculty and staff. The goals for K-State Today are to establish an official communication channel for important announcements and reduce email clutter by moving university notices from multiple sources into one daily email.

If you are a K-State faculty or staff member or employee of Athletics, the KSU Foundation, or the Alumni Association, you should receive K-State Today. Because Kansas State University requires one list to serve as the source of official university announcements, you cannot “unsubscribe” to the K-State Today email list. This is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to read official announcements.

In the past, the ProFac Staff email list has been used to send many official university announcements. During the transition to K-State Today, questions have been raised about the continued use of the ProFac Staff list and what types of announcements should be sent through K-State Today.

In the future, K-State Today will be used for all routine university announcements of interest to all faculty and staff. This includes letters from the President and Provost; safety advisories, notices about events and training opportunities, requests for award nominations or grant proposals, announcements of awards and recognition of accomplishments, results of job searches of university interest, and any other newsworthy items. The ProFac Staff list will only be used as a venue for non-routine announcements that require immediate notification and for messages from the Provost targeted specifically to the academic community, such as academic policy changes.

K-State Today can be a valuable new communication channel for all of us, but its value is dependent on you. We all need to use this channel to share announcements and to read the information included. If you have announcements of interest to K-State faculty and staff, I encourage you to share them through K-State Today. You can do this by submitting your information directly to http://www.k-state.edu/today/submit.

I appreciate your patience as we work to improve our communication here at Kansas State University. For additional information on K-State Today, please contact Cheryl May at may@ksu.edu.

Provost Signature

Provost and Senior Vice President


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