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From the Provost's Desk

October 8, 2010

Result of the K-State Agriculture and Research and Extension Dean and Director Search

After an extensive and thorough search for Dean of K-State's College of Agriculture and Director of Research and Extension, I met with the search committee, read the submitted comments, and discussed the search effort with President Schulz. I have decided to not hire at this time. We brought three agriculture professionals to campus with strengths in many areas, but not the skill set I am looking for as the next Dean of the College and Director of K-State Research and Extension. The strategic plan K-State 2025 identifies a very clear vision for the future of Kansas State University. We need the right leader to help move us there.

I have spoken to Gary Pierzynski and want to thank him for his willingness to continue in the role of Interim Dean and Director. I will convene a second national search in the future. My thanks to the search committee who worked tirelessly under the expert direction of Ralph Richardson with support from Suzy Auten.

We have a strong College of Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension. Interim Dean and Director Pierzynski’s leadership is moving the College forward and I am confident this progress will continue.

This is not the result we anticipated from the search, but I commit to continuing the search effort to identify the best person to lead the College and K-State Research and Extension into the future. I greatly appreciate your understanding in this matter.


April Mason

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Provost and Senior Vice President


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