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English Language Program

 Professional Presentations & Publications


"Current Practices at the ELP" (pdf)

  • Kansas International Educator, Emporia State University, April 12, 2022, Leena Chakrabarti, leena@ksu.edu


"Motivation and Evaluation in Distance Learning" (pdf)

  • Remote presentation to teachers from Centro Cearense De Idiomas Unidade Sul, Ceara, Brazil, December 4, 2020, Ketty Reppert

"Language Learning through Critical Thinking" (pdf)

  • MOOC Camp on TESOL Methodology, Brazil, Fall 2020 - AnnaBell Carel, abcarel@ksu.edu 

"Backward Design" (pdf) and "Flipped Teaching" (pdf)

  • MOOC Camp on TESOL Methodology, Brazil, Fall 2020 - Agnes Chikan  

"Strategies for Listening and Speaking" (pdf)

  • MOOC Camp on TESOL Methodology, Brazil, Fall 2020 - Ranae D. Peverill  

"Welcome and Presentation Overview" (pdf)

"Iterative Planning" (pdf)

"Creating Teacher Presence and a Learning Community in an Online Classroom" (pdf)

"Using Google Docs to Facilitate Classroom Management" (pdf)

"You Always Need a Plan B (or C or D...)" (pdf)

"Using Zoom Breakout Rooms for Reading Activities" (pdf)

"Teacher Support through Collaboration" (pdf)

"Supporting Students in the Online World" (pdf)

"Orientating Students Near and Far to Campus Life" (pdf)

"Tutoring Online" (pdf)



"To Learn Vocabulary is to Love Vocabulary" (pdf)

  • Building Bridges for English Language Programs Conference at Washburn University, Topeka, KS - December 2019 - Viktoria Gramp with Aziah McNamara

"Explicit and Effective Teaching of Reading and Vocabulary" (pdf)

  • MIDTESOL Conference, Omaha, NE - September 2019 - Viktoria Gramp with Aziah McNamara

"Overcoming Student Writing Anxiety" (pdf)

  • MIDTESOL Conference, Omaha, NE - September 2019 - Viktoria Gramp with Agnes Chikan and Aziah McNamara

"Current Power Configuration in Space Politics" as part of a panel on "Politics of Outer Space: Power, Competition and Cooperation" and "Anarchy and State Survival in International Politics" (part of a panel on "Rethinking the Origins of State Sovereignty and the International System")

  • International Studies Association Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada - March 27, 2019 - Svetla Ben-Itzhak


"Norming Practices for Scoring Student Essays" (pdf)

  • MIDTESOL Conference, Kansas City, MO - September 2018 - Viktoria Gramp

“Learn to Innovate: Ideas for Growing Your English Language Program”

  • Panel presentation at TESOL, March 2018, Chicago, IL - Ketty Reppert with Elizabeth Gould, Sandra M. Issa, Elizabeth Iannotti, Jill Fox, and Johanna Gleason.

“Supporting Professional Development of Faculty Administrators”

  • Panel presentation at TESOL, March 2018, Chicago, IL - Ketty Reppert with Alicia Rose Going, Thomas Tasker, J. Alexandra Rowe, Bruce Rindler, Rhonda Petree, Laura G. Holland, and Britt R. Johnson.

"A Perfect Alternative Research Assignment: Making Learning Applicable for Students' Lives" (PDF)

  • Cavalier Conference on Writing and Literature - April 20, 2018 - Smoky Kelly


Adding the Learners' Perspective to Language Teaching  (PDF)

  • International Symposium on Innovative Teaching and Learning, Kansas State University, September 2017 - Abby Franchitti

Selling Your Program: How To Communicate Your Value To Stakeholders (PDF)

  • ESP Interest Section Panel Robert Connor, Ph.D. | Tulane Uni. Tarana Patel-Chatterjee, MA | Founder, learnEd Esther Perez Apple, MA | Owner, Perez Apple & Co. Lindsey Kurtz | Ph.D. Candidate, Pennsylvania State Uni. Leena Chakrabarti, Ph.D. | Kansas State University, TESOL 2017


Language Program Administration Positions in TESOL/TFL Programs: Needs, Interventions, and Possibilities

  • Avineri, N., MacDonald, K. & Reppert, K. - November2016, TESOL PAIS Newsletter.

TESOL Program Administrators: How do I get the skills to become one?

  • MacDonald, K. & Reppert, K. - November 2016, TESL Ontario Contact Magazine

Research and Protecting ESL Students: Honoring Classrooms and Adjudicating Requests (PDF)

  • Program Administration Interest Section, Academic Session TESOL 2016

Equipping Faculty for Mid-Level Administrative Positions  (PDF)

  • From Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL and Program Administration Intersection panel Solutions for TESOL Programs Lack of Administrative Preparation, TESOL 2016 - Ketty Reppert

A Faculty-driven Comprehensive Model for Diversifying ESL Professional Development  (PDF)

  • English USA, Professional Development Conference - January 21, 2016 - Smoky Kelly and Elizabeth Musil


Computerizing the Placement Test for Remote Student Placement (PDF)

  • MIDTESOL Presentation, October 2015 - Christina Kitson

Exploring Faculty-Driven Professional Development: Building Faculty Expertise (PDF)

  • MIDTESOL Presentation, October 2015 - Christina Kitson

Teaching Vocabulary and Formulaic Language in the Language Classroom (PDF)

  • MITDESOL Presentation, October 2015 - Tim Peverill

Support and Retention of International Students, an At-Risk Group: Partnering Across Campus (PDF)

  • NACADA Presentation July 26, 2015:  University of Melbourne, Australia - Adrienne Hamann

A New Take on Entry Level English Textbooks (PDF)

  • TESOL and SLA Professional Development Conference April 10, 2015 - Jolene McConnell and Emily Elliott

Troubleshooting Peer Review in the ESL classroom  (PDF)

  • TESOL and SLA Professional Development Conference April 10, 2015 - Elizabeth Musil

Examining Issues and Advocating for the Benefit of NNESTs / NESTs (PDF)

  • TESOL Presentation March 2015 - Abby Franchitti

ELLs and Their Performance on State-Mandated Assessments (PDF)

  • TESOL Presentation March 2015 - Christina Kitson

Implementing Collaborative Course Teams (PDF)

  • Maintaining Standards In A Dynamic Program
  • TESOL Presentation March 2015 - April M. Darnell, M.A.

Responding to Perceived Threats: Evidencing Programs' Professionalism, Rigor, and Sustainability (PDF)

  • Program Administration, Higher Education and Social Responsibility Intersections
  • TESOL Presentation March 2015 - Beverley Earles and Mary Wood


Culturally Adapted Learning Environments for International Students Entering USA Universities (PDF)

  • Instructional Design Strategies
  • AECT Presentation 2014 - Lina Metlevksiene

ESL Tutoring Techniques You Want to Know (PDF)

  • MIDTESOL Presentation October 2014 - Wing Yan Wong

Technical Communication Course for International Students: Collaboration, Design, and Teaching (PDF)


Reflecting on Academic Advising in the English Language Program at Kansas State University (External Link)

Computerizing a Test Using a Learning Management System (PDF)

  • Instituted for Student Learning Assessment November 2013 - Christina Kitson

Creating an Individual Professional Development Plan in an IEP (PDF)

  • MIDTESOL presentation October 2013 - Christina Kitson

Building Community Through Accreditation: The Story of One IEP (PDF)

  • MIDTESOL presentation October 2013 - Ketty Reppert

Go Beyond Monopoly and Scrabble: Customize Your Board Games (PDF)

  • MIDTESOL presentation October 2013 - Wing Wong

Creating a Dynamic Interactive Electronic Newsletter for Alumni (Prezi)

  • TESOL Presentation March 2013 - Leena Chakrabarti and Jenell Williams

Teaching International Teachers to Use Technology Using Free Web Tools (PDF)

  • TESOL Presentation March 2013 - Christina Kitson, Max Stinnett and Jenell Williams

Initiatives to Promote Student Success at University-Based IEPs: Panel Presentation (PDF)

  • TESOL Presentation March 2013 - Laura Phillips-Zee, Ellen Conroy and Leena Chakrabarti


Quality And Relevance In An IEP Exit Level (PDF)

  • TESOL Presentation March 2012 - Beverley Earles and ELP team

Strategies for Helping International Students Succeed in Online Learning Environments 

  • TESOL Presentation March 2012 - Jenell Williams and Lina Metlevskiene


COLLABORATION: Avoid Recreating Existing Campus Services (PDF)

  • NAFSA Vancouver, Canada May 2011 - Leena Chakrabarti

Academic Credit for ESL: A Study in Patience (PDF)

  • TESOL, March 2011 - Mary Wood


Developing an Effective, Low-cost Substitution Plan for your Intensive English Program (PDF)

  • NASFA Poster Presentation June 2010 - Eun Hee Kim

Internationalizing the Campus: Creating Active Links with Colleges and Departments (PDF)

  • NASFA Poster Presentation June 2010 - Leena Chakrabarti

Linking Existing Services with the Needs of International Students (PDF)

  • NASFA Poster Presentation June 2010 - Leena Chakrabarti and Laura Philips-Zee

Team Teaching: Twice as Nice for Students and Educators (PDF)

  • NASFA Poster Presentation June 2010 - Miranda Asebedo and Tom Jagosz

Technology Enhanced Orientation: Reaching a Large Number of Students without Losing the Human Touch (PDF)

  • NASFA Poster Presentation June 2010 - Max Stinnett and Ketty Reppert