Fairchild Hall on K-State's campus


Serving English language students and enriching the Kansas State University community.

About the English Language Program

The ELP is an intensive language program at Kansas State University that strives to provide English instruction to students who are admitted to a degree program but have not demonstrated the English proficiency required for enrollment in academic courses. The ELP also offers English instruction to international students and professionals who to come to focus on language training or as a study abroad experience.


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The ELP began as a year-round program in the fall of 1986 with 38 students under the direction of Enid Cocke. Since the 1990s, the program has been housed administratively under the Office of International Programs with courses offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. In 2010, annual ELP enrollment had grown to more than 400 students. The English Language Program is located in Fairchild Hall on K-State's Manhattan campus.