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Web Services

Web Editor Meetings

Kansas State University Web Editor Meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday of every month from 11 a.m. to noon.

Upcoming meetings

The March 5, 2015 meeting will be in the K-State Student Union, room 207, covering web forms using the CMS.

Previous meetings

January and February meetings were canceled. 

December 4: Cliff Hight, University Archivist, discussed Archive-It, a web archiving service available to K-State.  11 a.m. to noon in the Hemisphere room, Hale Library.  Cliff's presentation, Web Archiving at K-State, is available.

November 6:  This month covered new and advanced Google Analytics features, K-State Student Union, room 207.

September 4:  The first Web Editors' meeting of the semester will be from 11 a.m. to noon Sept. 4 in Room 227 of the K-State Student Union.

This month we will discuss two topics. First, an open discussion of the OmniUpdate version 10 upgrade will be an opportunity to provide feedback on the new system and the upgrade process.

The second topic will be upcoming tweaks to the format of pages published through the CMS, or content management system. The changes have been integrated into the new Admissions site, and will be rolled out to all pages later this month.

May 1:  Julie Fosberg demonstrated the upcoming version 10 of OmniUpdate.

April 4, 2014:  Changes are coming to CMS pages.  Improved responsive web design will improve how K-State webpages display on phones, tablets, etc.

March 6, 2014:  Janelle Corkill and Donna Hodgins discussed the use of the university calendar.  Attendees learned how the university events calendar is integrated into the content management system, how to add calendar events, how to incorporate the calendar in a Web page, as well as other helpful hints and tips.  The university events calendar is located at www.k-state.edu/calendar.  It acts as the primary information directory for events on campus and is integrated into K-State's Web publishing system and digital signage. 

February 6, 2014:  Neil Erdwien, web services director, described upcoming changes and enhancements planned for K-State's web content management system in the first half of 2014.

September 9, 2011:  Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson from Disability Support Services will talk about accessibility and the Internet. A PowerPoint presentation is available.

October 3, 2011:  Susan Berhow, Assistant Dir. of Communications - K-State Foundation

November 7, 2011:  Jim Mock, Director of Video Production Services at K-State.

December 5, 2011:  David Mayes, Manager, Photo Services at K-State. Powerpoint presentation is available

February 6, 2012:  Tara Coleman, Web Services Librarian and Assistant Professor, will discuss the services Hale Library offers.

March 5, 2012:  Pat Melgares, who will speak to K-State Research and Extension's overall marketing strategy.  Leadership Studies Bldg. Room 201, Student Conference Room.

April 2, 2012:  Dr. Emily Lehning from Admissions/New Student Services will speak to how prospective students use our website.  Leadership Studies Bldg. Room 112, classroom.