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Link text should not be a URL

Using the destination URL as link text should be avoided for four reasons.

  • Screen readers read the link text aloud, and URLs ofen are long and contain abbreviations that will be mispronounced.
  • It is difficult to quickly determine what the linked resource is because words in the URL have to be isolated, read, and interpreted.
  • Words in link text provide highly-weighted keywords to search engines.  By using a URL, we're giving up the opportunity to boost our search engine rankings.
  • URLs are usually long and may interfere with the usual word wrapping browsers use to fill lines with text.  In our case, URLs will usually wrap at the hyphen in k-state.edu.  If the ksu.edu variation of the URL is used, the URL will not be breakable and will appear on a new line.

Problem examples

To fix this error

Use the title or proper name of the linked resource as the link text.  For example, the above example could be rewritten as:  View the CMS documentation.