These are new K-State web templates designed by outside vendor BarkleyREI and implemented by Web Services. The SEM team sets priorities for units moving into the new templates.

Live new-template websites

Page types and features


The homepage template features central enrollment funnel links, Apply now and Request info, and a front and center Program finder. Used for college and campuses.

Homepage example

High-level page

High-level pages are the top pages linked from the main menu. These pages use the same features as the homepage template and are intended to promote the most important topics. For example, the Academics high-level page for each college would use components to highlight the academic benefits of the college, clicking through to the topics.

High-level page example

Standard level page

The majority of pages are standard-level pages with a left menu and main column content. Many of the same features are available on these pages, including brag panels, disclosures, and positioned images.

Standard-level page example

Program finder

The program finder uses a card system and filters to explore K-State's degrees and programs. Colleges will use the program finder filtered to their specific programs.

Program finder example

Campaign landing page

The campaign landing page is a single page with a specific call-to-action with a form feeding into the new CRM. These are limited.

Campaign landing example