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Modifying page Properties

When a file is checked out, page Properties can be accessed from two place in the CMS:

  • From the Pages List View
  • From the single Page Action View

Accessing Page Properties

Accessing page Properties from the Pages List View

  1. Under the Content tab, click Pages.
  2. Locate the file and check it out by clicking the lightbulb.
  3. Hover and from the Edit menu, choose Properties.

Modify page properties from Pages List View

Accessing page properties from the Page Action View

When in preview/edit mode, click Properties on the page action toolbar. The file must be checked out to get the page Parameters portion of the Properties.

Modify page properties from Page Action View

Page Parameters

Title: Is a brief description of the contents of the page. The Title displays at the top of some browser windows, in browser tabs, in bookmarks, and in search results.

A strong Title includes a concise description of the page content as well as context of where it fits in your site structure. We recommend this style: 

Page topic | Folder topic | Unit name | Kansas State University

The keywords and author boxes are optional. It can be helpful to people searching K-State's site to include keywords. External search engines such as Google and Bing no longer use these keywords because they were too easy to abuse. To improve search results, include import keywords in the Title and content of the page. 

In the description box, you can choose to type a concise explanation of the contents of the webpage. This data is commonly used on search engine results pages.

Title and Metadata

In the Banner section, select the banner type you want otherwise leave None selected.

Columns: If you want a left column check the Left checkbox, if you want a right column check the Right checkbox. (Typically both columns are recommended. A three column page is usually easier for users to navigate and read.)

Page-specific Breadcrumb is not recommended. If you are having issues with your Breadcrumbs it can usually be resolved in other ways.

Under Site menu, choose either the Standard site menu or the Page-specific menu option. Standard is recommended.

The Unit Notes are text boxes that will display between the unit-menu and the unit-address in the left column. You can select the Standard site note check box to display a separate unit note file. Or choose the Page-specific note check box to add content that will only be displayed in this page.

Under Unit Addresses, choose either the Standard site address or the Page-specific address option. Standard is recommended.

The Page-specific content box options add text boxes to the right column. Select Above widgets and/or Below widgets. You can choose to have one or two text boxes. If you have a widget such as a Twitter or Pulse calendar feed, your text box options are to have one above and one below. If neither are checked the third column remains empty.

Click Save.