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Creating the breadcrumb navigation file

A properties.pcf (or breadcrumb file) is required for every folder. The breadcrumb describes the topic of the folder's content and displays at the top of every page in the folder.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate folder using the Pages list view (Content > Pages).

  2. Click the blue New button in the upper right of the screen.

  3. Choose Breadcrumb.tcf either by clicking the word New on the button or from the dropdown by clicking the arrow.

    Create breadcrumb from breadcrumb.tcf

    New breadcrumb icon
    Note: The new option may be labeled as Enter folder properties. The name varies by site.

  4. In the Breadcrumb box, describe the topic of the folder. This is not a filename, but what will display on the page. Use proper capitalization, punctuation and spacing. 

    Image showing the Breadcrumb box and Create button.

  5. Click Create.

  6. Preview the Breadcrumb and if it looks correct Publish the file.