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Publishing a file

In order for any file to be viewed on the website, it must be published to the production server.

Example of the Publish Dialog

Example of Publish Dialog

Navigating to the Publish Dialog

You can access the Publish dialog in the three following ways:

  • From the Pages List View
  • From the Page Action View
  • Selecting multiple files in Pages List View

Pages List View:

  1. Under the Content tab, click Pages.
  2. Locate the file you want to publish.
  3. Hover and from the Publish menu, choose Publish.

Image showing the location of the Publish icon when in the full file list view.

Page Action View

  1. When in preview/edit mode, click Publish on the page action toolbar. The button is only shown if the user has publishing rights.

Page action toolbar

Publishing multiple files

Multiple pages can be selected for simultaneous publish in the Pages List View. Select each checkbox for a page or use the select all checkbox in the header row. The Publish option is only made available if the selected pages would otherwise be available for publish by the user. In other words, if a selected page is checked out by another user, the Publish button will not be available. 

Publishing multiple files

Publish Dialog Reference

Final Check Tab

Final Check: Includes a set of checks that can be run manually.

Run All: Click to run all available checks on the selected output. 

Spelling: Checks the spelling on a page in the given language selected in the Spell Check Language box. 

Links: Checks for broken links on the page. Links may be broken due to unpublished files. 

W3C Valid: Checks a page for valid HTML. 

Accessibility: Checks the accessibility of a page complies to the standard defined by Section 508.

Publish target: Can be ignored.

Also Include Unpublished Dependencies: This checkbox allows a user to publish all unpublished dependencies for the page at the time of publish. This serves as a safety net to be sure all images or links to PDFs, Word Documents, etc. will not be broken. 

Version Description: This will allow work notes to be included in order to indicate what was updated and why the page is being published. This can be used when choosing previous versions in which to revert (in Versions).

Schedule Tab

Schedule: This tab allows for a scheduled publish, rather than an immediate publish, of the page. A user can select the date and time of publish, and choose to repeat the publish according to a schedule if desired. A user is also notified of the publish and can choose to be notified by external email.

After configuring the options, click the Publish to finalize the action.