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Creating an image gallery

There are two display methods for the image gallery you create. See the Image gallery examples.

  1. On the Content tab, click Assets.

    On the Content tab in the blue header, click Assets

  2. Click the green New button. Click Image Gallery.
    Note: If you don't see the Image Gallery option, contact 

    Select New Image Gallery

  3. Fill out the Asset Info
    1. Asset Name: short, clear name
    2. Description: description of the gallery
    3. Tags: keywords to help find the gallery
    4. Lock to site: leave as default setting

  4. Leave the Access Settings as default.

  5. Gallery Options
    1. Set the thumbnail size in pixels. You can leave this as the default 100 x 100. The Thumbnail Preview gives you an idea of how big it will be.
    2. Select the Thumbnail Aspect Ratio:
      • Original:  This selection will reduce the image to a thumbnail-sized square. If your images are already square, this is a good choice.
      • Crop:  This selection will crop a thumbnail-sized square out of the middle of the image. If your images are rectangle, this is likely the better option. 
      • Advanced field: To create a gallery that starts with a single image on the page, then opens a lightbox that allows you to click through a set of images, add this content: showfirst=true;
        See an example of the types of galleries.
  • Click the blue Create button. Note: No images have been added at this point.

    Image gallery info

  • After you click Create, the Images area will appear.
    • You can either drag images from your desktop into the window or click the +Add button to select files.

    Images section

  • Images options
    • Drag and drop images in the panel to reorder them.
    • Click the X in the upper-right corner to delete an image.
    • Add more images through drag-and-drop or the +Add button.

  • Once you've added images to the Images panel, add image attributes
    • Title: Simple title of the image. Appears as ALT text.
    • Description: Longer description if needed.
    • Caption: Not used, use description.
    • Link: Not used.

      Image attributes

  • Click Save. Depending on the number of images, this may take some time. Wait until you see the green message that the gallery was saved.
  • Click the green Publish button at the top of the page. This too may take some time depending on the size of the gallery. It's worth the wait!

Next, see Adding an image gallery to your page.