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Creating a folder

A folder is used to keep like topics together in a website. Add new content as a folder when you are adding a new topic or sub-topic that is more than one page or might be in the future. 

  1. Under Content, click Pages.

  2. Navigate to the location on your site where you want the new folder to be located.

  3. Click the one of the New options in the blue button. The options are the same, just presented differently. Which you use is personal preference.

    Placement of New button in Pages View

  4. Click Create New Folder or Folder, depending on which view you chose.
    1. The word New option:

      Image showing location of the lightbulb icon used to check a page out.

    2. The arrow option:

      New options in the dropdown portion of the button
  5. In the Name box, type a descriptive, but concise folder name.

    Create new folder dialog box

    Note: Remember, the folder name becomes part of the URL. Folder names should be short, but use full words instead of abbreviations. Avoid capital letters and spaces. Use a hyphen (-) or underscore (_) between words. Numbers are also allowed. Other characters are not.

  6. Click Create. You should get a success message at the bottom of your screen.

  7. Click the new folder name to navigate into the empty folder. It is ready for you to create and/or upload content.

    Note: New folders should contain at least two files, an index.pcf and a breadcrumb navigation file.