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Viewing files on the K-State Content Management System

When you log into the CMS, you are taken directly to the page action view. To see the website's full directory structure you have two options, the pages list view and the split-screen view.

Page action view

This view offers functionality specific to a webpage file. The available functions depend on whether or not the user has the file checked out.

Page action view in the CMS

Pages list view

This view provides access to functionality relating to creating new content, uploading, and managing existing content. It provides a view of the pages, files, and folders, as well as additional available features.

  1. Under the Content tab, click Pages.

    Image showing the location of the Content tab.

    Image of web files after clicking the Pages button.

Split-screen view

  1. Click the Expand split-screen icon from either of the above view options.

    Image showing the location of the Expand split-screen button

    Files are listed on the left half of the page and remains constant as the right side display changes. This is a great way to move quickly from one file to another. However, it does not have the same functionality as offered in the pages list view.

    Image showing location of the list of files

    To collapse the split-screen window, click the X in the upper right of the box.