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Division of Facilities

Space Survey

The Annual Space Survey is administered by the Office of Space Management with the purpose of updating and maintaining the University's Space Database. The Space Survey will include information that is important for internal and external reporting. The survey includes the Manhattan, Salina, & Olathe campuses as well as the research facilities that are spread out over the state. 


View the instructions for completing the space survey.

Each college or department will be asked to review their current space inventory to verify room functions, floor plan accuracy, and department space allocations. It is the responsibility of each Dean, Dept Head, or Administrative unit leader to ensure all of their units provide the requested information.


Questions regarding completion of the Space Survey should be directed to Heather Mills, Assistant Director of Campus Planning & Space Management, at hlmills@ksu.edu. Examples of how to provide comments for the Space Survey can be found on the right navigation pane of this page.