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Division of Facilities

Planning, Project & Space Management


For questions or information regarding construction projects please contact the office of Campus Planning via our department email FACCampusPlanning@ksu.edu

All other questions can be directed to Facilities Customer Service at FACCustomerService@ksu.edu

Campus Projects

See a list of our ongoing projects and future plans. 

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Campus Planning & Project Management Department is dedicated to providing professional services for creation of facilities and infrastructure that meet the university's evolving needs at a competitive level with our benchmark institutions. Our aim is to be an asset to recruit and retain quality students, faculty, researchers and staff. We hold our clients' needs paramount. We listen to them and strive to consistently meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

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Space Management

The Space Management department provides comprehensive facilities space planning, space allocation, and facility data information for Kansas State University. The purpose of space management is to ensure university resources are planned, maintained, and managed in a way that contributes to the university's missions of research, collaborative learning, and effective space utilization. Space management is a resource for many types of building data including drawings, floor plans, room capacity data, and space utilization information. Our mission is to maintain accurate space data and make that data available to the university community as a resource for making decisions that positively impact Kansas State University.

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2025 Vision

"Signature facilities that promote collaborative learning and working environments, multidisciplinary work, and integrated interaction between students, faculty, researchers, staff, and administrators."