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Division of Facilities

Vehicle Rental

The Motor Pool provides vehicles for lease by University departments for transportation of employees and students. The Motor Pool is located off campus at 2610 Claflin Road behind the Forestry Building. Currently there are 78 vehicles in the pool, including sedans, pickup trucks, Trailblazers, and a variety of vans. The shuttle van for Services for Physically Limited is also a part of the Motor Pool.

To arrange for a vehicle, please call 785-532-6397 to reserve the vehicle before you fill out the transportation request.

Request for Transportation E-form

Charge-Out Rates (pdf)

Driver Agreement (doc)
Non state employees need to have approval from Topeka before they are allowed to drive a State vehicle.

Please submit the driver agreement either by mail to:

Mona Flower
Administrative Officer | Office of Facilities & Procurement Management
Kansas Department of Administration
800 SW Jackson, Suite 600 Topeka, KS 66612

or by fax at

KSU Motor Pool