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Division of Facilities

College of Business Administration

Key Project Information

Executive Summary

The new Kansas State University College of Business Administration building will be prominently located on a vacant field along the southeast edge of the main campus at the corner of Lover's Lane and North Manhattan Avenue. The location will strengthen campus identity and become a focal point of entry from residential and business areas south and east of the main campus.

In addition to typical offices and classrooms, the project will provide important applied education spaces including Financial Research Laboratories, Entrepreneurial Center, National Strategic Selling Institute, Management Information Systems Laboratories, and Behavioral Research Laboratories.

This new 160,000 SF building will consolidate business faculty and staff dispersed across the campus as well as those housed in small buildings adjacent the campus.  Bringing the entire College into one facility will promote greater collaboration among faculty and provide enhanced educational opportunities from greater student/faculty contact throughout the day.

The project provides a 250-seat auditorium, 13 general classrooms, computer classrooms, specialized applied education classrooms and laboratories, faculty offices, student collaboration spaces, college administrative offices, department administrative offices, and support spaces.  It is currently in the programming validation phase with construction scheduled to start in August 2014 and occupancy in July 2016.

Project Goals
  • Focus on enhancing the educational experience for key CBA constituents including: Students, Faculty, Staff and the Business Community.
  • Create a dynamic campus resource that supports a broad spectrum of CBA, University and Business Community teaching and programming.
  • Create a building that is good for campus, good for the community, contextual and transformational.
  • Establish a cutting edge business atmosphere while strengthening K-State's "Family First" culture.
  • Enhance and Support "Applied Education" with the creation of nimble adaptable spaces for hands on learning and business education.
  • Promote multi-disciplinary collaboration, interaction and research by design.
  • Create a campus destination that is comfortable and well equipped for student faculty and staff to spend their day.
  • Support business innovation with the creation of an integrated center for hands on learning that combines NISI/MIS/Entrepreneurship and Finance Initiatives

Key Dates

Construction documents complete: July 2014
Start Construction: August 2014
Construction Completion: July 2016
Classes begin Fall 2016

Contact Info

Mark George
Project Manager
Facilities Department of Planning and Project Management

Program Document (pdf)
Schematic Design Drawings (pdf)