Building Leading-Edge Facilities

Building Leading-Edge Facilities

Facilities will build teams and partnerships to enhance how we serve our learners, generate groundbreaking discoveries and promote positive collaboration approaches across our K-State community.

Facilities Made for an Interdisciplinary Focus

This project’s facilities — both in configuration and functionality — will capitalize on collaboration between university scientists and engaged agriculture and related companies and partners. Beyond focused efforts on cutting-edge research and industry-changing products and solutions within K-State’s top-ranked College of Agriculture, the innovation centers will draw the brightest minds from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering, Health and Human Sciences, and Veterinary Medicine, bringing One K-State to life to catalyze interdisciplinary teaching, learning and research.

“We've been talking about it for so long; it's just extremely exciting. When President Linton came, he really made it an initiative to work with the College of Ag, work with the State of Kansas and really work with us as an alumni base to get this moving forward,” said Troy Anderson, vice president of operations at Ardent Mills. “Here on campus, we've got a nice, shiny new business building, a nice, shiny architectural building, and a nice, shiny new engineering building. That's what attracts specifically those that don't come from an ag background. We need that in the College of Agriculture here at Kansas State not only to continue to attract students but to grow diversity so that we can have the most diverse, most thought-provoking student body and faculty that we can to continue to keep Kansas State world-class in everything we do.”


Agronomy Research and Innovation Center

This center will bring research teams together from all around campus, working hand-in-hand with industry to make new discoveries in areas such as crop production or soil health and develop new solutions for issues like water management that are resilient, efficient, profitable and sustainable for generations to come.

Bilbrey Family Event Center inside arena

This project includes a new multispecies competition arena to support teaching and youth and extension efforts in equine and livestock sciences.

Global Center for Grain and Food Innovation

The global agriculture and food sectors are increasingly complex, and investments in this new center strategically connect K-State’s world-renowned animal science and food science programs with our unique grains science programs to address both opportunities and challenges.

Weber and Call Hall Renovations

The future is bright for top talent in Animal Sciences and Industry students, faculty, researchers and industry partners. The Ag Innovation Initiative helps connect the top talent already in the College of Agriculture to new top tier facilities including proposed updates to Weber and Call Hall.

What people are saying
Bringing together interdisciplinary clusters of faculty in these spaces will create a more dynamic environment, co-mingling expertise and experiences with the goal of advancing science at a much faster pace.
President Richard Linton

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Now is the time to invest — Kansas State University has an inspiring opportunity. To help the world’s ability to feed two billion more people by 2050. To contribute to a Kansas economy that thrives. To optimize agriculture for the highest levels of efficiency and yield. The sky’s the limit.

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