Bilbrey Family Event Center

Premier Facility for K-State's Animal Sciences Program

This project will create a hub for animal sciences by creating a destination for current and future students, Kansas stakeholders, and the regional and national livestock industry.

It includes a new multispecies event center with a competition arena to support teaching and youth and extension efforts in equine and livestock sciences.

The new event center will:

  • Enhance K-State’s animal sciences academic programs, preparing students for work in the livestock industry;
  • Improve campuswide recruitment of future students through the support of youth activities
    (4-H, FFA, horse and livestock shows);
  • Provide a venue for horse and livestock outreach and extension programs and competitions; and
  • Ensure a safe and efficient environment for the K-State Rodeo Club to practice and host the annual Collegiate Rodeo.

Features of the new event center include the following.

  • 130 feet × 250 feet arena with bleacher seating for 3,000 people
  • Stock pens with bucking chutes and roping boxes
  • Enclosed 80 feet × 80 feet staging area
  • Covered wash area for horses and cattle, as well as 10 small livestock wash pens
  • Manager’s office, meeting room, restrooms with showers, and a security/first aid room
  • An open lobby that features concessions and beverage sales
  • Second-floor VIP area with windows overlooking the arena and staging area

Bilbrey Family Event Center



Latest Updates

event center groundbreaking

K-State breaks ground on Bilbrey Family Event Center

December 15, 2023

The College of Agriculture's Bilbrey Family Event Center groundbreaking was held on Friday, Dec. 15, at the Stanley Stout Center.


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Marty Vanier, Donor of the Ag Innovation Initiative


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