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Division of Facilities

Building name proposals

Construction of the new Foundation building and purchase of the Foundation tower by the university has provided an opportunity to rename the Kansas State University building on Anderson Ave. The building currently is referred to as the old Foundation Building or the old Farm Bureau Building.  This building houses:

  • Office of the Chief Information Officer and Vice Provost for ITS
  • Office of Mediated Education
  • Information Systems Office
  • Testing Center
  • Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation (OEIE)
  • Engineering Extension Unit
  • Financial Services (Fund Balancing, General Accounting, Information Systems, Sponsored Programs, and Purchasing)

The building contains a lower 2-story structure along with a 6-story tower for a total of 65,860 sf.

The process for submitting name proposals will include submitting a building name application that details the rationale for the proposed name. The name proposals will be reviewed by the Building Name Working Group, which will consist of one representative from each unit in the building and one representative from each governance group. Proposed names will be evaluated by the criteria listed in this call for proposals. Once the working group has completed their review of the submitted proposals they will then make a recommendation of the top 4 names to the Vice President of Administration and Finance. A brief survey will be administered to the campus community to gain input on the final naming options. Once the survey has been completed the data and naming options will be presented to the President and President's Cabinet to determine the final selection. An announcement will be made to the campus community following the President's decision.

Criteria for naming

  1. Names related to the heritage of Kansas State University.
  2. Functional building name (ex. Administration building)
  3. Commemorate University history and tradition.
  4. Individual names complying with KSU PPM Chapter 7830.020 Naming Buildings and Facilities


All applications must be submitted by current employees or students of Kansas State University to be considered by the working group.


All information, including procedures and proposal forms can be found on this website. All announcements will be provided in K-State Today as well as listed on the website.

Help give a new name to an old building, August 29, 2016

Building Name Proposals Timeline

  • Call for building name proposals

    Aug. 29

  • Application submission

    Aug. 29-Sept. 9

  • Review by Working Group

    Sept. 9-Oct. 14

  • Survey of top name selections

    Oct. 17-21

  • Review by President and President's Cabinet

    Oct. 25

  • Announcement of building name