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Division of Facilities

Student Union Renovation

Key Project Information:

The project is a $31 million student funded renovation of the Student Union that will included renovation of the Student Government office, Student Organization offices, bookstore and food service areas on the ground floor and first floor to provide a more dynamic student focused Union.  

Key Dates:

Program and concept design:  May 2014
Selection of Project Architect: September 2014
Construction documents complete: August 2015
Start construction:  September 2015

Partial Occupancy ground Floor:  April 2016
Partial Occupancy first floor west (food venues)  Fall 2016
Partial occupancy first floor east:  October 2016
Occupancy 3rd Floor/Forum Hall/Little Theater:  December 2016

Union Station by JP’s First Floor – anticipated opening Spring 2017

Contact Info: 

Nelda Henning
Senior Project Manager
Facilities Department of Planning and Project Management