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Division of Facilities

Future Plans

Executive Summary

This 2004 Report outlines the long range planning and design principles to be used by Kansas State University when designing new buildings and infrastructure improvements.

Five Year Capital Improvement Requests

In 1981, the space deficit on campus was 700,000 net square feet. Since that time, the university built over 600,000 net assignable square feet. In 2001, the university has nearly caught up with its space deficit needs but a diligent effort will be needed to maintain adequate space.

In 2004, approximately one million square feet of space required major renovation, including compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, fire and life safety code compliance and programmatic needs.

The Fiscal Year 2004 five and ten-year capital request as well as the needs for academic space includes approximately 250,000 net assignable square feet. It is anticipated that over the next 20 years, new programs will be developed and added and existing programs expanded to accommodate the growing student population, technology and curriculum changes.